Is Champions League a Truer Test of the Best in Soccer Than World Cup?

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The Champions League semi-finals kick off Tuesday with Atletico Madrid at home against Chelsea, followed by Real Madrid v Bayern Munich on Wednesday. With the World Cup just seven weeks away, are we in fact witnessing the truest test of the best in world soccer right now?

With its top domestic clubs, and the high concentration of talent in Europe, many might point to Champions League as the more important tournament.

Coming once every four years, with the unforgettable drama of country versus country competition, the World Cup is undeniably one of the most important and closely-watch global sports events. If you stripped away everything but the action on the field, for true football aficionados, would it surpass the Champions League for the title of the game’s predominant competition?

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Is Champions League a truer test of the best in soccer than World Cup?

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