We’ve Sharpened Our Axes This Week (No really, the Devs have worked their Axes off)

An EOS Check-up, a New Look, and a Handy Failsafe in Exodus 1.53.0

Jun 8, 2018 · 4 min read
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Listen, sometimes these upgrades are packed to the brim with new Ethereum Assets, totally sweet UI upgrades to the asset donut, and other cool features for you to mess around with in your Exodus wallet. Other times we will push a release, like we have this week, with some subtle cosmetic changes to the user interface and a new DASH logo. It’s a really cool-looking logo!

Our developers refer to this as a “light” release. While this refers to the number of changes that you see in the upgrade, I want to emphasize that it is not a quality descriptor for the work that goes into improving Exodus. On any given day, the developers are laying the mortar for goals on our roadmap, fixing bugs and issues that you discover while using your wallet, and some super secret projects that I can’t talk about here (on pain of death).

Some of these upgrades are right around the corner, and you will see the fruits of our labor shortly. Others are blockbuster upgrades that are being built brick-by-brick.

This allows our team to work smarter, not harder, on the features on our roadmap that may seem easy to add but are actually nuanced and complex.

A dull axe chops twice as slow. So if you see a “light” release, rest easy knowing that our team spent the week sharpening their axes and getting ready to source some wood to fire up the kiln and make some bricks.

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With all that being said, here is what you will see airdropped this week from the heights of our redwood tree iron-forge (yes, it is an iron-forge built atop a megalith redwood tree. No, that is not a safety hazard; we are professionals).

Did I Register My EOS? Did I Leave the Oven On?

Life is full of tough questions, so we decided to take at least one of those suckers off of your plate. Now you can click one button to check if you registered your EOS address or not.

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Convenient! And yet another reason to open your underrated Help Menu, get answers to questions you never knew you had, and scroll past the dreamiest founders in blockchain.

A DASHing New Look

Even your favorite assets need a haircut sometimes. Or a whole new style, maybe. We think DASH was going through a rough patch after Zcash broke it off with them, and just needed to hit the refresh button.

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We’re trying to set them up on a date with Decred, who is just such a sweetheart. If you’d like to help us out by making some exchanges happen between them, we would truly appreciate it.

Phew, What a Cash!

If you haven’t accidentally sent Bitcoin Cash to a Bitcoin address, have you really made it in crypto?

Luckily for the next generation of hodlers, we’ve lowered the bar to entry so that you now get a warning from your wallet if it suspects you are sending to a Bitcoin “3” address instead of a Bitcoin Cash address. Anything for the kids.

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Now we can go back to losing money the regular way, by trying to make it as day-traders. Everything is a cup and handle if you squint hard enough!

Next Release: June 21st, 2018

That’s all I have for you lovely people this release. As always, stay tuned to our official releases page in case we add any patches. See you in two weeks!

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