Think In Seconds


The Beginning

Now, the question is…

what are these fashion-digital disruptions that serve our purpose?

Well, in order to enhance the way we express, perceive and identify ourselves and make decisions, as individuals or brands — and see a stronger world connected through Fashion and Time — we had to turn our concepts of Fashion and Time into practical designs, tech, features.

That means we had to choose, first of all, what to build.

Well, the answer was easy…

A new fashion-lifestyle app, platform and community.

A sort of stronger IG with an innovative UX and extra push towards Fashion…where “the Like” didn’t exist anymore and it was not just about tagging “a piece of cloth”.
The FashTime Mobile App should not have been perceived as an ordinary “Fashion App”.

Initial Consumer Features — a quick glance

Secondly, we understood it was necessary to change the way users would share, discover, appreciate and choose content inside our brand-new app, with respect to Instagram and other competitors.

In order to accomplish this goal, we constantly used design research to empathize with pain points and unmet needs and find out rooms for improvement in today’s social media reality (either for individuals and brands).

That’s why we came up with 3 core innovative features:

Bubble Posts / Multi-Tags (Fash Tags),

that let users share & discover with more fun / find & buy with more accuracy. Users can 1. upload a Moment (one photo) or Challenge (two photos) 2. tag and share what they wear (items), why (occasions), where (locations) and when (day-time). 3. discover new things or find what they want 4. Buy something they are interested in, when they see it.

Who are you really? Who were you really? Who will you be really? What do you really want? How do you really want to be?

The best adjective for this feature is: Magical.

Describe this feature in max 5 words: “The Closet of our Life” or “The e-commerce of our life”

Time-Like (Fash Time),

that let users know the real interest of people in what they share and what is truly trending. “The Like” doesn’t exist anymore. It’s all about the Time users spend on a content.

How much Time / How many seconds people spend on you and what you post? How much attention are you getting from people?

The best adjective for this feature is: Real.

Describe this feature in max 5 words: “The Currency of Attention”

Swipe-to-vote / Click-to-vote (Fash Vote),

that let users take better decisions together. The community can vote instantly between two photos (challenge) with a swipe or a click.

A or B? What’s your best self?

The best adjective for this feature is: Fast.

Describe this feature in max 5 words: “The Tinder of Polls”

Solutions (always in progress) — A quick glance

Meanwhile, during the product development’s life cycle, we realized we had to focus on both individuals and brands…in a slightly different manner. This is why we opted for creating 2 separate realities, that could co-exist, create tech and network synergies and stay seamlessly connected:

The FashTime Mobile App.

The Fashion Lifestyle Network made for the Gen Z and Millennials. A place where brands and their followers come together in a new way.

FashTime for Business.

A suite of Fashion-focused Digital Technologies made for Brands building momentum with the Gen Z and Millennials.

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FashTime is young (funded) tech-startup on a mission to make fashion-digital disruptions that drive the world forward. We see a stronger world connected through Fashion and Time. Follow us on Instagram :)