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Apr 30, 2018 · 4 min read


What do we mean when we say…

“Turning Time into a fashion currency and creating fashion digital time-centered disruptions”


Let’s be practical here.

FashTime — The Attention Platform for the fashion world

FashTime is a time-centered platform that consists of the FashTime Mobile App, modern fashion lifestyle network for Gen Z, and FashTime for Business, a suite of web applications for brands. All of FashTime’s products use FashTime Coin as their currency and are like-free.

Our formula?

(Fashion Metrics+Attention Currency)* Fashion Apps = FashTime = Innovation

Currently, the FashTime Ecosystem is centralized. In the near future, we expect to transit towards a decentralized model powered by blockchain technology and a real crypto-centric social media financial system.

FashTime Mobile App

The first platform that eliminates the concept of the “Like”. Only the Time spent on content matters now and users are rewarded with discounts and money for the Time they spend and gain. The Fashion & Lifestyle app where brands and Gen Z come together in a new authentic way.

FashTime Coin

BAT meets social media. The first token for the social media fashion MFA: Tokenizing Time. We discovered that 1 second of attention on social media is worth today 0,002 Euro and 0,05 Euro tomorrow. You will get what you deserve: FashTime Coin is turning time into a fashion currency.

FashTime For Business

IG Business meets fashion. A suite of web apps that help brands move forward with Gen Z: Higher Engagement, Effective Conversion, Valuable Analytics. The first tools that allow brands to capture the attention of their followers through contests among photos and moving tags on videos, drive them to the ecommerce, obtain valuable insights (i.e.“time heatmap”: time spent on each content frame) and reward them with the token of FashTime.

THE CHALLENGE: Allows brands to share 2+ images, containing shopable content, with a A vs. B contest on social media and get a report (such as the time-based heat map: see where people look at in a photo). Users are rewarded with FashTime Coins.

VITA — VIDEO TAG EDITOR: Enables brands to share a video on social media by placing moving tags that can contain any desired info and get a report (such as time spent on each segment of the video). Users are rewarded with FashTime Coins.

Time is our engine and guiding light. The FashTime platform is our boat.

At FashTime, Time is the center of everything. We always keep in mind its power and value (whether it’s about developing or marketing new features).

Time is our approach to innovation. We do it in a fashion way.


Welcome to the blog of FashTime.

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