Our Founders

Apr 30, 2018 · 3 min read

The founders team is an unusual but fitting combination of different skills, backgrounds and personalities. Its members come from three different countries (Italy, Germany, Spain) and they are all under 28yo.

The whole team met in Madrid Spain during the first months of 2015. Mauro Di Benedetto and Marco Borgato met during their undergrad studies at Bocconi University (Milan). Marco had the idea to implement the concept of time for a social app back in 2013.

The FashTime Team is focused on building a culture made of purpose/vision/mission/values-driven individuals and design thinkers.

The FashTime Founders :) Starting from the left we find: Kai “The Machine” Schildhauer, Mauro “The Boss” Di Benedetto, Alejandro “El Chapo” Carrera, Marco “The Young Marco” Borgato

The FashTime Founders — Who We are

Mauro Di Benedetto, CEO

25, Italian

I’m responsible for all matters. I Manage business clients, events and press (& more)

Marco Borgato, CVPO


I shape purpose, vision, mission, culture at FashTime; I shape new ideas, conceptualize & manage products with a focus on the end user, manage the marketing campaign. (& more)

Kai Schildhauer, CFO & CSO

27, German

I take care of financial, administrative, sales aspects (& more)

Alejandro Carrera, CTO

27, Spanish

I develop and code the FashTime platform (& more)

Values — What we are influenced by

Philosophy — How we act

We rely on

They are at the centre of the platform. Their needs, demands, desires and troubles are what ultimately shape FashTime. By creating the content of the current online social-digital reality, our users become the sole focus of our interests and the final point of our efforts.

We are a

We operate according to a set of values, aligned with vision and strategy, that drive our team’s behaviours and decisions every day.

We are focused on building up a

We aim to empathize with the end users, try to solve their problems and offer them new perspectives. For this to happen, we are constantly monitoring, doing research and understanding the users’ (unmet) needs and pain points.

Approach — How we work

Some tools we make use of: 1. Axure: Functional & creative briefs, prototyping, wireframing, UX design, functional design 2. Team collaboration and communication 3. Startup Management (product + all other units)

FashTime is a young (funded) tech-startup that is reimagining social media through a disruptive platform: Follow us on Instagram :)


Welcome to the blog of FashTime. We are here to share and document our incredible journey with you. The Future is Like-Free. Think in Seconds.


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Bringing the power & monetary value of time to social media users & brands, in the fashion lifestyle market.


Welcome to the blog of FashTime. We are here to share and document our incredible journey with you. The Future is Like-Free. Think in Seconds.

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