9 Meeting Agenda Templates for Chief Operating Officers

COOs have one of the most important jobs when it comes to keeping company operations afloat, which is why efficient meetings are important!

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7 min readNov 17, 2023


Chief Operating Officers (COOs) play a crucial role in any organization, overseeing daily operations and working closely with the CEO to execute the company’s strategy. However, they often face challenges like time management, ensuring operational efficiency, and aligning various departments towards common goals.

One significant pain point for COOs is managing meetings effectively — these can often be time-consuming and drift off-topic. Since COOs have busy days trying to stay afloat with every ongoing project, it’s important to have well-structured meetings that are brief, insightful, and focused on decision-making.

Here are 9 meeting agenda templates to help COOs focus discussions, prevent tangents, and ensure that every meeting is productive and aligned with organizational objectives:

  1. Effective Staff Meeting Agenda Template
  2. Executive Team Meeting Agenda Template
  3. Daily Huddle Meeting Template
  4. Cultural Leadership Meeting Template
  5. Leadership Team Meeting Agenda Template
  6. David Sacks: SaaS Board Meeting Template
  7. One-on-One Meeting with Manager Agenda Template
  8. Chief People Officer 1:1 Meeting with Employees Template
  9. Peer Perspective Meeting Template

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Effective Staff Meeting Agenda Template

  • Check-In — What’s top of mind? Share one answer that is work-related and one that is personal.
  • Purpose — What is the purpose of this meeting?
  • Agenda Items — What agenda items are we discussing today?
  • Decisions — What decisions are we making today? What types of decisions are we making?
  • Check-Out — What is your takeaway from this meeting? What are your thoughts on the meeting?

Executive Team Meeting Agenda Template

  • 🚀 Share something great — Start off by asking “What’s something you’re proud of?”
  • 📒 Check in on accountabilities — Talk about what’s happened since your last meeting related to accountabilities. Look at something called a scorecard or a dashboard that shows your team members’ numbers associated with accountabilities.
  • 🌇 Discuss what’s on the horizon — Discuss what your team needs to be aware of in the next 90 days. What are the project milestones or rocks that are out there that your leadership team needs to be aware of?
  • 📰 Share the headlines — What’s happening with your customers? What’s happening with your employees that as a leadership team you need to be aware of?
  • 📝 Revisit and add to issue list — Can also call this an issues list where everybody on the team has the opportunity to add challenges issues opportunities that they would like to improve to this ongoing list.
  • 💡 Sharing learning and development — Ask your team about something they learned recently, a skill that they’re working on or something that they’re focused on.
  • 🗒️ Define action items on to-do lists — This is a portion of the agenda which is the to-do list. Together, what are the specific action items that people are agreeing to do between now and your next meeting?
  • Rank success of the meeting — If you knocked it out of the park rate it a 10. Anything below that, explain what would it take next time in order to give it a 10.

Daily Huddle Meeting Template

  • 🎉 Good news — Share anything positive that’s happened since the last huddle, including praise for fellow employees!
  • 📊 Numbers — Key metrics from your sales funnel.
  • 🔍 Daily forecast — Do a daily forecast on the monthly and yearly revenue versus budget.
  • 💡 Department update — A glimpse into each business area and their top quarterly goals.
  • ⚠️ Missing systems/Frustrations — Share challenges, as long as you ensure it is a no-blame environment.
  • 🙌 Cheer — Get people pumped to take on the workday.

Cultural Leadership Meeting Template

  • Company-wide action items — Discuss with the People Ops team company-wide cultural action items.
  • Departmental action items — Discuss with the People Ops team departmental cultural action items.
  • Deliverables — What deliverables are in the works? Any updates?
  • New initiatives — Discuss new initiatives we should implement.
  • Issues — List any issues to be resolved.
  • Notepad — Anything else to write down?

Leadership Team Meeting Agenda Template

  • Updates — News and announcements.
  • Wins — Share recent victories and positive news.
  • Metrics — Quarterly priorities and their progress.
  • Roadblocks — Any challenges/concerns?
  • Feedback — Recognition and suggestions for improvement
  • Action items — What came out of this meeting? What are your next steps?
  • Notepad — Anything else to write down?

David Sacks: SaaS Board Meeting Template

  • CEO Update- Wins, challenges, learnings, and KPIs.
  • Sales Updates- ARR, deals closed, objections, and forecast.
  • Departmental Updates- Product roadmap and updates from other departments.
  • Financials- Gross margin, financial plans and operational expenditure.
  • Team- What areas have the greatest need for new hires?
  • Administrative Matters- Housekeeping and administrative matters.
  • Action items- What came out of this meeting?

One-on-One Meeting with Manager Agenda Template

  • Personal preamble 👋 — Inquire about the employees well-being and if they have any personal updates to share.
  • Your agenda section 💬 — Add any updates, learnings, and achievements.
  • Your manager’s section 💬 — Add any cascading information, roadblocks, and feedback.
  • Priorities for the week ❗ — List the priorities and tasks you’ll be tackling in the week ahead.
  • Development and growth 🌟 — Skills development, stretch assignments, and career goals.
  • Action items ✅ — What came out of this meeting? What are your next steps?
  • Notepad 📝 — Anything else to write down?

Chief People Officer 1:1 Meeting with Employees Template

  • 💪 Motivation — Find out a lot about motivation, what they were looking for, and to some extent, what they were sold in terms of the vision.
  • 🔍 Feedback — Ask for their opinion about specific processes, tools, and rituals.
  • ❓ Suggestions — After hearing the employee’s feedback, ask if there’s anyone else who might have thoughts or suggestions on the topics discussed above.
  • Action Items — What came out of this meeting? What are your next steps?

Peer Perspective Meeting Template

  • 🤔 Reflection — What was the most meaningful observation that you’ve reflected on from your peer and or upward perspectives?
  • 📚 Learning — When you get these perspectives again in four to six months, which characteristics do you want folks to recognize as improvements?
  • 🚀 Action — What actions and support do you need and do you want between now and the next cycle to make this a reality?
  • 💪 Enablement — As a manager, what can I start, stop or continue that will help you in your growth journey?
  • Next steps — What came out of this meeting? What are the next steps?

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