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China is one of the most popular countries in Asia regarding international dating. There are thousands of Chinese mail order wives, and most of them are genuinely interested in meeting a Western man — but that’s not all you need to know about them. Here, you’ll find everything you want to know about Chinese girls. I’m going to share with you how much it costs to find a Chinese wife, how to meet Chinese women online and offline, and how to make your relationship work. So, let’s dive right into it.

What You Need to Know About Chinese Wives?

👥 Number of Chinese singles: 240 million

📍 Top cities finding a wife in China: Shanghai, Chongqing, Beijing, Chengdu

💻 Best dating site to meet Chinese girls: EasternHoneys

👰‍♀️ Best site to buy Chinese wife online: SakuraDate

Median age at first marriage: 25 y.o.

🇨🇳 Best Chinese Mail Order Wives & Dating Sites

There are many websites with Asian women, but if you’re interested in a safe dating experience, you need to choose the best one. During the last year, I used more than 10 Chinese dating sites, and most of them were not as good as I expected. However, there were at least 5 great dating websites:


  • Starting Price: From $2.99
  • Average Age: 25–35

SakuraDate is tailored for those interested in forming deep connections with Chinese wives. It offers detailed search filters and a variety of communication tools that make it easy to find matches who share your values and interests. SakuraDate is ideal for those who want a serious relationship and appreciate the nuances of Chinese culture, making it a top choice for international dating.


  • Starting Price: From $2.99
  • Average Age: 24–34

EasternHoneys provides a seamless platform for meeting Chinese women, equipped with advanced messaging features and robust search options. This site simplifies the complexities of dating foreign women, offering a user-friendly interface that helps you connect with compatible partners efficiently. EasternHoneys is especially good for those seeking a blend of modern communication tools and traditional dating aspects.


  • Starting Price: From $2.99
  • Average Age: 22–36

NaomiDate offers a lively and engaging environment for those looking to connect with Chinese mail order wives. Its platform features interactive tools such as video chats and instant messaging, which make online dating fun and effective. NaomiDate is perfect for those who enjoy an active dating experience and are looking for dynamic ways to meet potential Chinese wife.


  • Starting Price: From $2.99
  • Average Age: 23–37

OrchidRomance focuses on creating meaningful relationships with Chinese females. With its compatibility tests and communication features like chat and mail, the site ensures that you have all the tools necessary to build strong connections. OrchidRomance is designed for those who value in-depth interaction and are serious about marrying a Chinese woman.


  • Starting Price: From $2.99
  • Average Age: 20–35

TheLuckyDate is known for its simplicity and effectiveness in the international dating scene, making it an excellent entry point for finding Chinese mail order wife. It provides a straightforward dating experience with an easy-to-use interface and quick matching system, allowing you to connect with Chinese singles effortlessly. TheLuckyDate is great for those who prefer a no-frills approach to dating while exploring international possibilities.

These platforms are each designed to cater to different aspects of overseas dating but are particularly well-suited for those Western men seeking Chinese women for marriage and dating.

My Top Choice Features to Find Chinese Wives Online

  1. SakuraDate: probably the best mail order bride website available right now with real gift delivery, Request a Date feature, and thousands of incredibly detailed profiles.
  2. EasternHoneys: I really liked this site because of its simplicity and transparency, but that’s not all. For me, the best thing about EasternHoneys is the ID verification service — most Asian females here have verified profiles!
  3. NaomiDate: it is a legit dating site where you can find a real Chinese mail order wife easily. It’s convenient and legit, it has a high response rate, and the profiles here look fantastic.

Now, if you want to understand how much these websites cost, continue reading.

Chinese Wife Price: How Much for the Bride?

Disclaimer: First of all, you cannot “buy a Chinese wife”. The process of getting a foreign wife includes paying for a premium subscription on a dating site and for a trip to her country, but it’s not like you can “buy” a wife, of course. So, let’s take a look at the approximate prices.

The total mail order wife cost consists of 3 main points:

  • The cost of online dating
  • The cost of offline dating
  • The cost of a visa for your bride

Online Dating Expenses

First, you’ll have to pay for a dating website. The cost depends on a lot of factors — typically, dating platforms with Chinese ladies have a credit-based system, which means you only pay for the features you use, and therefore, you can control how much you spend there. There’s also a premium subscription system where you need to pay for a monthly subscription, but all the best dating sites with Chinese girls have a credit system. It’s transparent and fair, so on websites like SakuraDate, OrchidRomance, and TheLuckyDate, it’s you who is in control. Typically, even $150-$200 per month would be enough for you to chat with Asian women, but again, it only depends on you.

Travel Expenses

Then, it’s offline dating. Here, the cost also depends on a lot of factors, but in most cases, you’ll have to pay for at least a 1-week trip to China, which includes a hotel room, tickets, and dates in cafes or restaurants. The flight will cost you $1,000-$1,500, and spending 1 week in Beijing may cost around $500-$1,200, depending on your travel style. So it’s something like $1,500-$2,700 for a trip, but you need to understand that 1 trip may not be enough.

Travel expenses

✈️ Tickets: $1,250

🏩 Accommodation: $500

🍽 Meals: $200

🚕 Local transportation: $250

🥂 Entertainment: $300

Total: $2,500

Visa & Wedding Expenses

And if you’re going to bring your Chinese girlfriend to the US, you’ll also have to pay for her visa. The visa for Chinese wife costs $800, but the total cost of the visa and the Green Card is around $2,400. This doesn’t include the wedding expenses, which may vary from $30 for the marriage registration to $28,000 (200,000 yuan) for a fancy wedding with a reception.

Total Chinese Mail Order Wife Price

Dating services: $1,200

2-week trips: $5,000

Visa expenses: $2,400

Total: $8,600

Factors Affecting Cost for Chinese Mail Order Wives

Of course, there are certain things that have an impact on the Chinese wife price, so let’s take a brief look at those.

The marriage price might be even higher, actually, especially if you fall in love with a Chinese woman from a traditional family. The thing is, some Chinese parents, from traditional families, still believe that a groom must pay the “bride price,” which may be around $20,000 in some provinces.

Traditionally, the groom’s family pays for the wedding expenses. However, it doesn’t mean you’ll have to pay for everything, including the rings, the ceremony, and the reception — in modern, educated families, this tradition is long forgotten.

Dating a Chinese girl online is cheaper than going to China and approaching local women there because you’ll only have to spend $100-$200 per month for chatting with Chinese wives online. There’s no need to go to Beijing right away, which means you can save around $1,500-$2,700 if you do it online. Yet, you will still have to travel to China at least once.

Thus, make sure to consider all these factors before getting into a relationship with a Chinese lady.

How to Save Money

It doesn’t mean that you’ll have to pay enormous sums of money to marry a Chinese girl since there are ways to cut costs. So, here’s how you can save money:

  1. Wedding. When it comes to the wedding, it doesn’t have to be a large party with hundreds of Chinese people — the fewer guests you have, the less you’ll pay for it. If you want to save money, it’s also recommended that you marry a Chinese wife from an educated family — in this case, you won’t have to pay that “bride price.”
  2. Gifts. While many Chinese women love expensive gifts, it’s actually not a must. There’s no need to buy her the latest iPhone or expensive jewelry if you don’t want to. In fact, there are thousands of modest and down-to-earth Chinese wives who would love to get a bouquet or a small gift rather than something incredibly expensive.
  3. Traveling. If you want to save money while traveling to China, book the tickets in advance and go there during the low season (November to February) — hotels and flights are usually cheaper at that time.

It’s possible to save money while dating these ladies online, too. Just choose a dating site with a credit system (that’s how you’ll control your spending) and make sure there are some good discount offers on that site. SakuraDate and NaomiDate, for example, offer free credits and discounts to all new users.



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