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Asia is the most popular dating region among American men, which doesn’t come as a surprise because Asian girls make great partners for Western men. If you are also looking for Asian wife and want to learn more about the most effective ways of searching, prices, legality, and more, I’m the right person to guide you, as I was also going through the same process looking for my wife. Read on and find real Asian wives online!

What You Need to Know About Asian Wives Dating

👥 Female population in Asia: 2.3B

📍 Best Asian countries to find a wife: The Philippines, China, Thailand, and Japan

💻 Best dating site to meet Asian girls: EasternHoneys

👰‍♀️ Best site to find an Asian wife: SakuraDate

Median age at first marriage: 27 y.o.

🌏 Best Asian Mail Order Wives & Dating Sites

I’ve been using so many international dating websites and niche Asian dating sites for the past few years that I’ve gathered quite a few favorites that work well specifically for meeting the best Asian wife:


  • Starting Price: From $2.99
  • Average Age: 25–36

SakuraDate is your go-to for finding Asian wives, making it super easy to find someone who shares your interests and values. With its handy search features, you can filter through potential matches to find exactly what you’re looking for. Plus, you can chat in real-time, send letters, or even just a quick wink to say hi. It’s straightforward, user-friendly, and packed with over 83,000 monthly visitors. Get started with 35 credits for just $2.99.


  • Starting Price: From $2.99
  • Average Age: 22–33

EasternHoneys simplifies your search for potential Asian mail order wife. It’s all about making connections without the fuss, thanks to its clean design and easy navigation. Chat, send gifts, or break the ice with someone new, all in a community of over 190,000 monthly visitors. Your first 20 credits are just $2.99, making it affordable to start your journey toward love.


  • Starting Price: From $2.99
  • Average Age: 24–35

NaomiDate makes flirting fun and easy, helping you get closer to finding that special Asian wife. It’s packed with more than 100,000 monthly visitors, letting you explore profiles, exchange likes, and enjoy lively chats. NaomiDate kicks things off with a special offer of 35 credits for just $2.99, so you can start searching for your match without breaking the bank.


  • Starting Price: From $2.99
  • Average Age: 21–32

At OrchidRomance, finding Asian wife is more precise than ever. Their matching quiz helps pinpoint your perfect partner from the biggest pool of Asian singles online. With verified profiles and an active community of 820,000 monthly visitors, it’s a trusted place to meet, share, and connect. Dive in with just $2.99 to start.


  • Starting Price: From $2.99
  • Average Age: 23–34

TheLuckyDate offers a straightforward way to dive into dating, focusing on getting you right into the mix with quality singles from Asia. With video profiles for a better first impression and a platform that’s all about ease of use, it’s perfect for newcomers. Join a lively community of over 450,000 monthly users and grab 2000 credits for just $3.49 to kickstart your search for love.

My Top Choice Features to Find Asian Wife

SakuraDate: A fun matching feature, Like, will keep you for hours choosing among beautiful Asian women.

EasternHoneys: keeping all your favorite Asian ladies in one place is so handy.

OrchidRomance: Newsfeed is like full-on social media with so many active Asian girls.

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Success Stories

Rob & Caiji

I would call myself an online dating guru myself, as I’ve tried so many dating sites, apps, you name it. I saw so many people meeting their love online but for some reason, I couldn’t find real Asian brides. However, I found the reason why I wasn’t successful. I visited Jack May’s lecture once and understood that I was using platforms that didn’t really suit my dating goals. I took the advice and joined SakuraDate, which is designed for people searching for serious relationships and not that casual crap. And I think that in less than a month I met my now girlfriend. It wasn’t love at first sight! Well, to her photos and profile, to be completely honest. We took our time to get to know each other and our backgrounds, and we grew closer together. And now, after being married for over a year, getting into one of these Asian wife stories, I still can’t believe that we couldn’t have met if I hadn’t paid attention to that lecture.

Samuel & Reyna

Frankly, I was kind of suspicious of online dating because I thought it was only for younger guys. But one of my colleagues married a stunning Eastern European girl he met online. He is in his fifties, and that made me think, why not try it myself? I’ve always wanted to meet an Asian woman, as their sexy looks, petite figures, and youthful beauty are just one of a kind. That’s how I joined NaomiDate. Though I didn’t have any prior online dating experience, it wasn’t hard for me to navigate the search and all the communication ways. They are really easy to use. Also, I was surprised by how active Asian women are. Despite the time difference, I got many replies and some women messaged me first. Currently, I’m in a long-distance relationship with an Asian woman. I’m so into her. But we’ll see how it goes; I don’t want to jinx it.

How Much Does It Cost to Buy Asian Wife?

Undoubtedly, you need to spend some money to make an Asian wife order. However, you should remember that it’s impossible to actually buy a woman. In fact, the statement “Asian wives for sale” means all the expenses from the first online contact to the wedding. So, let’s dive deeper into Asian mail order wives costs.

Online Dating: Dating Asian Women Online Is Cheaper than Traditional Dating

If you choose to seek Asian wives online, communication is usually a paid option. Generally, the cost depends on the type of dating site. Websites with credit-based systems, such as SakuraDate, EasternHoneys, or TheLuckyDate, offer to pay for a certain list of features to mail order Asian wife, including communication, while the basic kit with search and profile views is free. On the contrary, premium dating platforms allow users to operate the site only after a subscription purchase.

So, the cost varies from $50 to $350 per month to find Asian mail order wife and communicate with her on dating sites.

Trip to an Asian Country: The Cost Depends on the Country You Are Visiting

Whether you choose to search for single women in real life, or want to arrange an offline date with an Asian lady you’ve met online, it is necessary to travel to a certain country. Based on my experience, Asian wives are the best from the Philippines, Thailand, and China, so we’ll compare the cost of round trips and one-week stays for one person in these Asian countries.

Total Asian Mail Order Wives Pricing

🇵🇭 The Philippines

💌 Dating site services: From $600

✈️ Travel expenses: From $1,632

💸 Immigration fees: From $2,000

💍 Wedding licence: From $100

Total: From $4,332

🇹🇭 Thailand

💌 Dating site services: From $600

✈️ Travel expenses: From $1,984

💸 Immigration fees: From $2,000

💍 Wedding licence: From $100

Total: From $4,684

🇨🇳 China

💌 Dating site services: From $600

✈️ Travel expenses: From $1,852

💸 Immigration fees: From $2,000

💍 Wedding licence: From $100

Total: From $4,552

*Information provided in the table above is a minimum spend.

The cost of a trip to other Asian countries, like Vietnam, Indonesia, or Japan, is similar, but, as a rule, the more developed a country is — the more expensive it is to travel there.

Visa & Documents: a Mandatory Step If You Want to Marry Your Asian Girlfriend

If you are looking for Asian wife and planning to grow a relationship with her, the logical step is to invite her to your country. So it’s essential to get legal permission and file a K-1 fiancée visa, but it’s a time-consuming process that takes from 6 to 12 months. In general, the Asian mail order wife cost in terms of a visa includes the following:

  • Fees for petitions and application forms
  • Medical examination
  • Fees for getting documents required for visa application (police certificate, birth certificate, etc.)
  • Fees for translation of all the documents
  • Payment for Green Card

The fixed price for a visa and the adjustment status is $2,205, while other expenses vary from country to country.

Wedding Expenses: the Most Manageable Category of Spending

Wedding is the final step for getting your Asian wife mail order. You have a choice: to organize a grand reception with numerous guests or to hold a modest ceremony with close family and friends. That’s your call.

The most essential thing is that you should get a marriage license. Its cost varies from state to state. For example, in California, you should pay $91.00 for a public marriage license, while in Nebraska you will pay only $34. When it comes to expenses for the dress, cake, venue, etc., it will cost you, on average, $29,000 in 2023.

How to Save Money

Cost for Asian mail order wives is substantial, but it is possible to save some money on the following things:

  • Wedding. Choose a small wedding ceremony with just a few guests or cut down on the cost of a luxurious wedding dress or restaurant.
  • Gift expenses. You can reduce the amount of virtual and real gifts you send to an Asian woman or choose some cheaper ones, like flowers.
  • Travels. Book tickets and hotels in advance and choose a low season to travel to save some money.

Additionally, you can spend less on online dating. Just choose such international dating sites as EasternHoneys or SakuraDate, which offer regular discounts for credit packages, greeting bonuses of free credits, and reasonable terms for using credits to chat with the best Asian wives.

Why Do Asian Women Look for Foreign Husbands?

I know that each Asian mail order wife has her own reasoning for why she prefers Western men to locals. I don’t want to make generalizations, but I’ve noticed similar trends when chatting with different single Asian women. So, I decided to ask 3 of them why they think Asian mail order wives want a partner from abroad, and that’s what they told me.


Met on

I wanted to find the love of my life when I registered on the Asian dating site. I just felt like I needed to look for the one in the US; it was like a heartfelt feeling. I know that American men make great husbands. They are fun and travel a lot, and I dream of seeing the world!


Su Myat

Met on

I think that many Asian ladies want European or American husbands, as they are ready for a family way faster than Asian men. My friend met her husband, and after 3 months, she was a happy fiancee and now a wife in less than a year. I know that different relationships develop at their own pace, but I think that readiness for commitment and the ability to support a family is a big factor for many Asian wives. So, I’m in my own search for Asian wife finder.



Met on

I didn’t want a “leftover woman” treatment. In my 30s, I was pursuing my career and just didn’t have time or desire for romance. But in China, as I think across most of Asia, women after 30 are considered of a second sort or something, even though it’s hard to visually tell the age 99% of the time. That’s why I decided to look for a husband internationally.


How to Find an Asian Wife: Best Ways to Get Foreign Brides

Basically, a man looking for love can choose between two options — search for a girl online or dive into a new Asian world and search for love in real life. In this part of the guide, I’m going to discuss the second option in more detail.

Where Exactly to Look for a Wife?

There are many countries to visit in Asia if you’re interested in finding an Asian wife, and these are my personal favorites in terms of dating Asian mail order wives:

  1. 🇵🇭 Philippines. Hot single girls, everyone speaks English (so there’s no problem with using SakuraDate, OrchidRomance or any other international dating service), great nightlife, and the highest level of safety.
  2. 🇹🇭 Thailand. Great nightlife, tuk-tuks, shy Thai girls (yes, they are less extroverted than most people think), and amazing culture.
  3. 🇨🇳 China. Hot women who believe American guys are exotic, great cuisine but no apps we all got used to (having WeChat is really a must for Chinese women).

Also, Vietnam, South Korea, India, and Japan are top places for finding an Asian wife, so I’d recommend making a choice based on your tastes, preferences, and expectations. There are a few more important criteria, and I’m also going to list them below.

BONUS TIP: In a lot of Asian countries, dating a foreigner is considered somewhat prestigious. However, don’t think it will be your ultimate advantage. Many girls are rather skeptical about dating a foreigner who came to stay just for a week. You can find a bar girl, but a relationship will be a lot less important for her than money, so basically, it should be either a long trip or immigration.

That’s why niche platforms are more effective and considered to be the best way to find a Asian wife for sale: women on SakuraDate are looking for a husband in the first place.

Main Asian Countries To Find A Wife:

Filipino Wives: How to Find a Filipina Wife Online & Offline

Thai Wives: How to Find Thai Wife Online & Offline

Chinese Mail Order Wife: How to Find Chinese Wife Online & Offline

What to Consider When Planning a Trip?

Regardless if you’re going to stay in the country for just one month or for years, consider the following:

  • How many people speak English
  • Cost of living
  • The situation in the real estate market
  • Attitude toward foreigners
  • Visa and/or permanent residence policies

I also highly recommend learning more about the local cultures. You need to choose your own best-case scenario and visit the country you like regardless of whether you’ll find a girlfriend or not.

Particular Ways of Meeting Local Asian Girls

Downloading Tinder is the easiest option if you’re already in the destination country, but if you’re not into Asian wives dating, you can meet locals in the following places and at the following events:

  • Good nightclubs, bars, and restaurants. I personally loved Kondwi Bar in Macai City, the Philippines, Coco Walk in Bangkok, Thailand, and Binh Minh’s Jazz Club in Hanoi, Vietnam. Search for similar places in your city and make sure it’s not just a club for foreigners with bar girls who’ll only need you to buy them more cocktails.
  • Festivals and special events. The more people, the better. In nearly all Asian countries, there are big public parties for everyone, so just join them!
  • Sports clubs and gym. Believe me, Asian mail order wives do make an effort to look gorgeous, so you can meet a lot of them at the gym.
  • Volunteer groups, adult classes, book groups, speed dates, etc. Find an activity that seems interesting to you, and just enjoy meeting new people!

Well, this is not exactly how to get Asian wife works, but all in all, it’s all about expanding your social circles in a new country.

ANOTHER BONUS TIP: As a foreigner, you may become a teacher at a local speaking club for those who study English, and that will be a great way for you to make friends among locals, and the more people you know, the higher your chance of finding Asian wife!

Of course, it’s a rather serious step, it costs money, and you must really like the country and culture to actually enjoy such significant changes in your life. If it’s not for you, consider going online and check such platforms as SakuraDate or NaomiDate to meet your perfect Asia wife.

Is It Legal to Marry an Asian Woman?

The term Asian mail order wife often brings confusion to understanding the concept. Many believe that they can just order Asian wife online, pay, and get them shipped to their doorway. But that’s not true, and Asian women looking for marriage have nothing to do with human trafficking, prostitution, and other illegal activities.

I believe that hot Asian women become Asian mail order wives because it’s just convenient. It’s easier and faster to find a perfect match with a person who is ready for commitment and marriage. Also, foreign men can marry Asian females without breaking the law, as international marriages are recognized as legal as marriage to Western women. My happy marriage to one of the mail order brides also proves that.

Also, under the FOSTA-SESTA package, online dating sites are held liable for hosting anything that is described as prostitution. So, legitimate Asian dating sites won’t risk their reputation and business. Here is a top of sites if you’re wondering how to get an Asian wife:

  1. SakuraDate
  2. NaomiDate
  3. EasternHoneys
  4. OrchidRomance
  5. TheLuckyDate

I’ve used EasternHoneys and I can say that the platform is designed specifically for international romance. I liked how convenient the search is and how neatly all the services are organized in the top bar. Also, I noticed that probably over 90% of the female profiles were verified, which is great.

Statistics: Asian Wives in Numbers

Do Asian women make good wives? If you want to learn more about ladies from Asia and their expectations, take a look at some interesting Asian wife characteristics:

  1. Marriage immigration rates in the region have always been high, but there are the top countries with the largest number of Asian mail order wives. For example, in 2022, nearly 5,000 citizens of the Philippines applied for the K-1 fiance(e) visas to the US. The number of applicants from Thailand, Vietnam and China was 349, 618, and 355, respectively.
  2. The average age at first marriage for most Asian women from top mail order bride countries is around 25.
  3. The acceptable age difference for Asian brides ranges from 2 to 12 years.
  4. The total fertility rate in the region is now 2.2 but the average family size varies greatly from country to country.
  5. The divorce rate for mail order marriages is 10% lower than the overall US divorce rate.

Just consider this information to develop realistic expectations about Asian mail order brides.


With so many options, getting an Asian girlfriend or wife is not a challenge anymore. With the right mail order bride site and good communication skills, your Asian wife search will be such a pleasure — you’ll easily meet Asian women you like who match your desires for starting a family.

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