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Is a mail order wife an old-school term from the past? Are there any single women who really want to do this? Do mail order marriages exist nowadays? These and many other questions always arose in my head until I met my wife online on a specialized website. So, I decided to clear up some details about the mail order bride dating world in the article below.

My name is Jack. I am 49 years old, and now I live in Los Angeles, Califonia. Two years ago, I married Anastasia, and she was 30 years old girl from Kyiv. We met on the marriage site, now we live together, and I want to share my experience with everyone.

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Best Dating Sites to Join if You’re Looking for a Wife

What is the best place to find a wife? Based on my experience, the following dating platforms are the most effective in seeking mail order bride and overseas bride.

Affiliate Disclosure:
Some of the links you find here are affiliate links. If you follow them and make a purchase, I’ll earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. These links help support this blog and keep it available to my readers for free. Please know that I only cooperate with dating sites I personally tested and became a fan of.

My Top Choice Features to Find a Wife in Another Country

  1. SofiaDate offers to request contacts and meetings with Eastern European women 🇪🇺.
  2. SakuraDate has an outstanding chat with photo, video, and audio messages to communicate with Asian mail order brides 👩🏻.
  3. La-Date is one of the best dating services for seeking Latin women 💃 with an effective search feature.

These dating platforms will answer on your question how to find a wife overseas and match you with foreign women in no time.

Success Stories

asian mail order wife and american man
James & Cayo

So, in 2021, I went to Jack May’s lecture on international dating, where he talked about how to find wife online and why it’s really a good idea. As far as I remember, one of the main points there was that foreign brides are generally more family-oriented than American women. Well, for me, it was quite the opposite. I met online with Kayo on SakuraDate in 2021, and she was not interested in marriage at all, unlike many women around me. We just chatted casually for a month or so, and then she invited me to Osaka in March. Little did I know it was a sakura blossom season, which is also considered a romantic season in Japan! So, long story short… No, we are not married yet. But I just bought a ring, so this is going to change quite soon!

ukrainian wife and western man
Oliver & Olga

I met Olga on SofiaDate in 2019. I was going to have a business trip to Ukraine, and that’s why I decided to find someone to have some fun with during my stay there. I don’t know why I chose a dating site over Instagram or Tinder, really — but it turned out to be one of the best decisions in my life. The girls on that site were mostly from Eastern Europe and very serious and quite marriage-minded, so I was slightly nervous at first, cause I wasn’t actually looking for a wife, but with Olga, there was no anxiety at all. We chatted for 2 weeks and met in Kyiv after that. She made my trip much brighter and more interesting, so I decided to continue our communication. 3 months later, we met in real life one more time, and in 2020, after 5 dates, I proposed to her. Getting a fiancé(e) visa was extremely difficult because of COVID-19, but 14 months after the proposal, Olya finally arrived in Houston. Since that time, we have never been apart.

Is It Legal Buying a Wife Online?

There is nothing illegal about dating foreign women or seeking partners on international dating websites. That’s why having a real mail order wife is entirely legal.

It’s worth mentioning that I’m the person who passed all the stages of mail order wives dating, and I don’t have any issues with the law related to my marriage. The only potential concern arises when you decide to relocate your future spouse to your country. In this case, you should follow all the procedures of getting a visa and stick to the demands of the USCIS.

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I have accounts on all the aforementioned online dating websites, and I like the selection of foreign wives registered there. However, my preference to meet someone from Eastern European countries makes me use SofiaDate more often. A convenient live chat and the choice of real and virtual gifts are two things I like about it, although the lack of video chat is a bit disappointing.

In addition, I provide you with a list of legit international dating sites where the choice of ladies is impressive, and the question “Are mail order brides legal?” will never be a problem.

🌐 Main Regions To Find a Wife:

Asian Mail Order Wife: How to Find Asian Wife Online & Offline
Latin Mail Order Wives: How to Find a Latina Wife Online & Offline
Slavic Wives: How to Find a Slavic Wife Online & Offline
European Wives: How to Find a European Wife Online & Offline

How Can I Help You to Order a Wife?

So, how can my articles help you, and what will you find on this page?

Dating site reviews. Before writing a review, I test a mail order wife service for at least 5 days and chat with at least 10 women there. There are dozens of factors I analyze, from the verification to the number of search filters — that’s how I find legitimate international dating sites.

International dating guides. I had a relationship with foreign brides for years, and I finally found a soulmate in Ukraine 2 years ago, so I know something about the online dating industry. In my guides, I explain how to date foreign ladies and how to succeed.

Guides on how to find a wife online & bring her to the US. It’s not only about “how much does a wife cost” or about “how to get wife”. It’s not that difficult, actually — and my goal is to help you understand how to find a foreign wife and how to bring her to the US.

Real success stories. Discover motivation and practical advice from mail order husbands who met through dating services. Each story highlights their journey, challenges, and how they overcame them, providing actionable tips for building successful long-distance relationships.

A lot of American men are also interested in how to order wife online, get a K-1 visa, and bring her to the US legally. I’m not a legal expert, but I’ve been through this process, and I know how complex it may seem at first.

And when I say about experience, it’s not just a saying. I helped a lot of people find the best international dating services and eventually find love abroad, so continue reading to hear their stories.

Best Woman to Marry by Country

Asian Brides


Latin America

How to Find a Wife: Best Way to Get a Wife Online & Offline


I’m going to promote online dating websites with all my heart in this paragraph. The decision to highlight their advantages is made due to my personal experience. And it’s because finding a wife overseas on a niche site is literally the best thing you can do.

The point is, there are a lot of other options if you’re wondering how to get a wife — you can go with Tinder or Facebook. You can even meet them offline — but none of these is actually as convenient and affordable as meeting a foreign wife on a specialized online dating site. Why? Let’s go through it point by point.

First of all, it’s about convenience. We all want to get better results with less effort — that’s how human nature works. Dating site with mail order wives is the tool that can give you the best results with the least effort. I don’t want it to sound too easy, but listen: it really is that easy. You sign up for a legit mail order bride service (the registration on SofiaDate takes 1–2 minutes), you get your free credits (on La-Date, it’s 20 credits), and you start chatting with real, ID-verified Latin, Asian, or Eastern European women. 1–2 minutes — that’s all you need.

Second, let’s talk about affordability. I’m going to cover the mail order wife cost subject in more detail later on this page, but here’s what you need to understand: meeting international brides on a dating website is much, much cheaper than going to Colombia, Philippines, or Poland and approaching local women there. A month of chatting with a young lady on a dating site would cost you around $150 — on SakuraDate, for example.

You’ll be able to buy your first credit pack at a lower price if you’re a new user. On the other hand, a 1-week trip to another country might cost you from $1,500 to $3,000 by most conservative estimates. Yes, you’ll still have to go there and meet your girlfriend, even if you do it online, but the difference is that, in this case, you’ll pay a few thousand dollars to meet a girl you’ve been chatting with for a few months. Going to another country to approach women there means you’ll spend a few thousand dollars to take a shot in the dark.

And here’s another reason why online dating sites are the best option you have: they are made for international dating. Long-distance relationships can be hard for people from the same culture, which means it will be hard for people from different cultural backgrounds. Dating services, like TheLuckyDate, offer the whole package for maintaining international relationships: virtual gifts, photos and video exchange features, etc.

Want another one? Here it is: the dating pool is insanely large on an international dating site. Dating websites have thousands of ladies genuinely interested in meeting foreign men, most of these women speak English, the absolute majority of them are single, and it’s like a perfect dating pool with bride catalogs where there are more women than men.

Plus, most of them think you’re more caring, more loving, and more attractive than men from their developing countries. Even if they don’t, they are still on a dating site, which means they’re ready for it. You just can’t find a dating pool this large on Facebook, Tinder, or Instagram, not to mention offline dating.

Therefore, if you want to meet a real mail wife, use specialized websites.

Step-By-Step Instruction: How to Buy a Wife Online

A dating strategy is essential in getting international online wives. This way, you can save your time and money (communication is usually a premium feature) but meet a future mail order wife in a few clicks. So, my step-by-step guide on where to buy a wife and how to act on specialized websites is the following:

  1. Choose the best foreign bride sites with a superb reputation
    Pay attention to the number and functionality of the features, the selection of real brides overseas, and subscription plans. Moreover, don’t forget to check the security measures, the presence of the verification process, and payment options.
  2. The sign-up process
    Registration on top dating sites with wives for sale, such as SofiaDate or SakuraDate, is usually simple and fast. It requires adding general information about your age, location, gender, and username. Also, add a real email address to get an email confirmation. However, some platforms offer to pass personality tests, which might be time-consuming.
  3. Create a catchy profile
    The dating profile is your business card on online dating sites. It consists of all the essential information that allows potential foreign wives to learn more about you. So don’t ignore filling in all the details about your marital status, children, education, appearance, dating preferences, and expectations.
  4. Upload appropriate photos
    Choose photos that describe your relevant appearance, hobbies, and lifestyle. Avoid adding many group photos, especially with the opposite sex. Likewise, don’t attach a photo without your face as a profile picture. Additionally, add some pictures to secret albums if they exist.
  5. Use all available features and tools
    Fast or wide search, swiping tools, photo search, even newsfeed which can be found on LaDate, or blog, and other options may be effective in seeking mail order wives potentially. Use all of them or combine features that are most convenient for you to get the most efficient results.
  6. Manage your search
    Search filters play a significant role in the relevance of your search results. With the help of filters, you may specify all the preferences in appearance, interests, habits, values, locations, and more and get a list of compatible foreign women to buy wife online very shortly.

I can confirm that I personally applied all these tips, and I’m confident in their effectiveness. So, how to get a wife? From my point of view, it is better to select two or three dating platforms and create profiles there to meet more mail order brides. Additionally, be patient, as the process of finding a mail order wife might be lengthy.

Pros & Cons of Searching International Bride: Best Way to Find a Wife

🔘 Offline Search:


  • It’s easier to understand if there’s a spark between you when dating offline
  • Even if you don’t meet a bride, traveling to another country is always fun


  • Approaching foreign women in a foreign country might be stressful for some men
  • It’s expensive

🟢 Online Search:


  • It’s affordable, especially if you prefer instant messaging tools (live chat is usually the most affordable messaging tool on any international service)
  • It’s extremely convenient
  • The dating pool is just huge
  • Mail order wives usually speak English quite well
  • Foreign wives are interested in a serious relationship


  • It’s not that easy to find a legit international marriage agency with real women
  • Even the best international marriage agencies are not 100% free of fake profiles

What Else You Can Do to Find a Wife?

As I’ve said, it’s not only about mail order wives platforms. You can choose among several options, actually:

  • Meet overseas women offline
  • Instagram/Facebook
  • Chat on Tinder or Tinder-like apps

Wondering “Can I buy a wife in America”? Well, to find a bride in USA is a pretty fun option, to be fair. On the other hand, it’s more stressful, more time-consuming, and more expensive than meeting them on the top foreign brides site. And if you’re interested in, say, Latina or Russian wives, that’s definitely a no-go.

It’s up to you to decide which option to choose, but again, specialized websites work best for meeting foreign wives.


So there you have it, the complete explanation of mail order wife industry, online dating services, and how to get mail order bride cheap. There is no guarantee that this journey will be fast and simple. But in my experience, using services for such relationships brought me into contact with my foreign online wife, so I consider dating platforms the best option to find mail order wives. Hence, if you are in active search and willing to find a wife in USA or elsewhere, a niche dating website may be just what you need.


Do mail order wives still exist?

Yes, they do, but the mail order bride industry has changed a lot, and nowadays, a term mail order bride is any foreign woman who is intentionally looking for a husband in one of the Western countries. She doesn’t receive any financial compensation and is motivated solely by the desire and readiness to start a serious relationship and then a family.

Are mail order wives a thing?

Yes, they are a thing. Statistics show that the number of marriage migrants to the US and other countries isn’t even close to declining, proving mail order marriages work. Thousands of Western men meet foreign women online and marry them yearly, and the number of single women from all across Asia, Europe, and Latin America join niche websites to find a perfect match overseas.

How much does a mail order wife cost?

The minimum cost of an overseas wife or getting a mail order, to be exact, is around $7,000-$8,000. However, the price will depend on multiple factors — the time you’ll need to find a foreign girlfriend online, the number of trips to a bride’s country, your personal traveling and dating preferences, etc.

Are mail order wifes for sale illegal?

No, they aren’t. Mail-order brides aren’t connected to human trafficking or sex work. They are foreign women seeking love overseas. They marry foreigners looking for wife voluntarily, aren’t forced to make any decisions, and don’t receive any compensation. Basically, they are just marriage migrants, and just like all marriage migrants, they can provide immigrant petition along with all needed paperwork and legally apply for visas to the US, UK, and other countries.

Can you buy a wife?

No, there’s no way to literally mail order a wife online. You can only meet mail-order women online, start a relationship with a foreign woman, meet your girlfriend offline, and then legally marry her.

Where can I buy a wife?

Remember, you can’t buy a partner; relationships are about mutual respect and love. Consider dating sites to meet someone who shares your interests and values.



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