The Monthly Rollup: September ‘22

September saw important engineering progress and updates! From decentralized ID to a partnership with SAN Sound, see what’s been going on at Findora for the last month.

Daniel W Finley
Findora Foundation


🪴 Ecosystem and Partnerships

New Partnership with SAN Sound

Findora x SAN Sound Partnership

SAN is a music-centric ecosystem featuring a Listen-to-Earn model. Fans can listen to music, earn governance, and promote artists they enjoy. SAN plans to use Findora’s zero-knowledge platform to guarantee user information will be secure and private from the general public. Learn More

Defungify Toolkit Integration

Defungify makes it easy for Web3 game developers to deploy their projects to multiple chains. Its easy-to-use toolkit includes functions like NFT minting, a game launcher, testnet support, finding NFT metadata, and other handy features. Learn More

Discord Experience Improved

Using feedback from the community, Findora’s Discord channel has been simplified and improved. It’s a great place to get technical support, get testnet FRA for campaigns, and find developer resources.

Findora is Now on Reddit

Findora’s Reddit community is officially live! Be sure to join to earn special flair and get first access to technical updates. Reddit is a great place to get help with specific problems and submit suggestions for the community. Join Findora’s Reddit

🛠 Engineering Updates

FIP-3 Proposes a zk-DID Solution

Proposing a ZK-DID Solution on Findora via FIP-3

FIP-3 is a decentralized ID (zk-DID) system that returns ownership of user data to the user. Zero-knowledge proofs can do more than provide transactional privacy; they can also safeguard your personal data on Web3, and that’s exactly what FIP-3 proposes. Read More

FIP-2 Brings Auditability and Privacy

FIP-2 brings exciting opportunities to token issuers, especially when it comes to stablecoins. It creates a fully auditable private asset class aimed at attracting institutional capital. When institutions can audit transactions that are private on-chain to everyone else, it allows them to meet the compliance regulations necessary to enter Web3. Read more

Findora v0.3.30 On Anvil Testnet

This update to the Findora Network brings several improvements to the EVM, and almost doubles the number of validators participating in consensus from 58 to 100 to improve decentralization. Learn more

More Progress Toward EVM Staking

EVM staking will allow users to stake from their EVM wallet, such as MetaMask, instead of using Findora’s Desktop Wallet. The draft versions of EVM staking contracts are done, and the team is nearing contract audits. Read more

Recent Buzz

For Web3, Privacy is Top of Mind

Privacy is more and more coming to the forefront of Web3. With recent regulatory crackdowns and market drops, many are reevaluating what innovations Web3 can truly offer. Privacy is top of this list, and firms like a16z are taking note of zero-knowledge cryptography, as are other KOLs.

Warren Paul Anderson Speaks on Privacy at Mainnet

Warren Paul Anderson, CEO of Discreet Labs, speaks on privacy at Mainnet.

Discreet Labs CEO, Warren Paul Anderson, participated in a privacy panel at Mainnet with Mina Labs and Quadrata Network. While some use anonymity to mask bad behavior, most anonymity in Web3 is actually pseudonymity and is used with good intentions. Pseudonymity needs to be protected with new technology like zero-knowledge proofs.


This recurring series on Findora’s Twitter highlights content created by the community:


@CheekyCrypto is focused on finding undervalued tokens and educating his audience about them. He has put together a helpful step-by-step walk-through on how to stake FRA here.


Another video tutorial on how to stake FRA comes from JohnnyMackaronny (aka Jimmy Exploring the Blockchain). Currently, staking FRA from the native wallet earns ~20% returns.

Validator Spotlight: Hussaria

Based in Poland, Hussaria has been programming since he was 9 and is a software developer with over 20 years of experience. Crypto represents freedom to him, and he’s excited to be part of building privacy for Web3 through Findora. Read More

We’re Hiring!

Findora is always looking for top-notch talent, whether developers, engineers, community managers, or marketers. Please, if you’re interested in Findora or think you’d be a good fit, see what’s available, or reach out via Twitter DM to start a discussion!

About Findora

Scaling privacy for the future of Web3.

Findora builds privacy through advanced zero-knowledge proof cryptography. An innovative layer-1, it combines a native UTXO ledger optimized for privacy with an EVM extension for programmability and interoperability. Developers can leverage either model as they build dApps with auditable privacy.

We appreciate our developers and would love to onboard you to the Findora ecosystem. Please reach out, and join our social channels for more.

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