Notes is available on Android

Today we are releasing Test Pilot Notes on Android. This new app allows you to access all your notes from the Firefox sidebar on your Android device.

Download Notes for Android on Google Play

The mobile companion application supports the same multi-note and end-to-end encryption features as the WebExtension. After you sign in into the app, it will sync all your existing notes from Firefox desktop, so you can access them on the go. You can also use the app standalone, but we suggest you pair it with the WebExtension for maximum efficiency.

Please provide any feedback and share your experience using the “Feedback” button in the app drawer. This is one of the first mobile Test Pilot experiments and we would like to hear from you and understand your expectations for future Test Pilot mobile applications.

Updated WebExtension

We have also released a new update to WebExtension version of Notes.

The editor has been updated to the latest CKEditor 5 release. This brings improvements to Chinese, Japanese and Korean inputs into Notes. Other important fixes include:

  • Improved line break support, pasted plain text now supports line breaks.
  • Better font size display features.
  • Updated toolbar icons.

Big thanks to CKEditor development team and our SoftVision QA team for making these releases happen! We would also like to extend our gratitude to our language localisation contributors, release manager Sylvestre Ledru, and open source contributors - Sébastien Barbier and Rémy Hubscher.