First Job

The other guy’s job was always worse.

Tried to ride the wave

My first job was not as a surfer. No, by wave, I mean riding the trend.

My first job, towards a possible career, was as a content writer in a start up in India in the year 2000. I was fresh out of the bachelor college and had enrolled for masters, but was not really keen on it. What I wanted was a job as a software programmer. But the fact that I was…

This is exactly what we wanted to avoid!

“Aren’t other people awful?” John said to me, his face a picture of exasperation.

Why everyone should work at McDonald’s once.

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Horatio Alger

My first job was delivering newspapers. I got that job the summer between 6th and 7th grade, for one reason: to earn enough money to buy myself a TRS-80 Color Computer. That’s not…

Reeling in the Years

My first summer job was a hybrid - a bellman and repair guy - at a large motel in Fresno. Not exactly a dream job, but I was 14. There were two cool things about this gig…

First Job
First Job

The other guy’s job was always worse.

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