10 Best VSCode Extensions From A Senior Developer 2022

Working now as a Senior Developer from 25 extensions now down to 10, here’s why.

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5 min readAug 18, 2022


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“Prototypes are easy, production is hard.” — Elon Musk

Embracing this Senior Developer part of the journey, made me realize one important thing — and that is to simplify.

I’ve always been overthinking a lot of things, it's actually very common for developers, to work every day making sure in staying sharp, thinking, and solving problems every single day.

And so, simplifying things, and focusing only on the essentials, is a skill that you will develop as you move forward and grow.

Sharing my personal list of extensions as a Senior Software Developer.

Let’s simplify things and focus only on the essentials, this approach will help you big time.


This extension will stay on my list until the end of time.

Properly arrange, and readable code is part of the first set of rules in programming, this little extension helper will do the work for you with those white spaces and will make your programming world a better place.

Path Intellisense

This extension too will stay on my list until the end of time.

The extension that will autocomplete the filenames+the path is a lifesaver, never ever have a vscode without this extension.

Auto Rename Tag

Having a little helper to auto-rename your tags is a blessing, especially when working on nested codes, looking for the other pair would be time-consuming and stressful too.

So this little helper is a must!


This package is also one of those vscode packages that will stay on my list till the end of time.

Working on a project with 50+ developers, and managing a team of developers, this package was able to save my arse more than I can count, having those signatures of who changes the codes — amazing would be an understatement.

Settings Sync

If you have multiple workstations/workplaces, or if you program on different laptops/pc, then this extension is important to make sure that your vscode is in sync with your preferred vscode setup.

Don’t be the developer who kept wasting his time setting up things. Automate and make use of existing technology, why reinvent the wheel?

ES7 React/Redux/GraphQL/React-Native snippets

If you are using React/Redux/React-Native, you need to install this extension, or if you are using a different language or framework just make sure that you have a snippet in your list, time is gold, let this package do the work for you.

Color Picker

As a frontend developer, the color picker extension will come in handy instead of googling the correct color code you can just simply choose inside the editor, with just this simple shortcut could save you tons of time especially if you are a frontend developer.

Material Theme

Don’t underestimate the power of aesthetics.

Even if it removes only 10% of the stress in programming, I’ll take it.

Having a good material theme while programming even how stressful your codes have become, you would not throw a rock on your screen because it's a beauty. (lol)

NPM Intellisense

NPM package is a nightmare that you don’t want to deal with, this package will simply autocomplete the statement when writing an import in your file. As a front-end developer, NPM is like a bloodline.

Document This

This is one heck of a gem, I have never really appreciated the magic of documentation/comments in the codes until this current project we were working on, we have like 50+ developers, and imagine working all those codes without document/comments, it would be a disaster.

I highly recommend you start using and practicing the use of proper documentation, it will save your as*.

Thank you for reading!

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