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Note from the editor

We believe that diverse perspectives result in better products and services. For that reason, we intentionally seek contributors from all over the world to share their ideas and experiences.

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Keith Aric Hall
Just me. No labels
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Jeremy Treadwell
Futurist | Product Evangelist | CX Leader | Data Rights Advocate
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Zerry Hogan
Software Engineer | Innovator | Diversity Advocate | Technologist | Future Entrepreneur | Website: zerry.dev | Instagram: @lifewithzerry
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Wendy Hawkins
UX designer, seven layers of geekery, advocate of empathy, respect and knowledge. Living in Austin,TX
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Gen Kimura
Austin, TX
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Data Analyst @RetailMeNot
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Amy Torrez
Entrepeneuer | Founder and Executive Director to Paul's Place: Support for Families, Inc. | Producer in Association with EL Studio Productions
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Sarah A. Ruiz
Writer, editor, and award-winning YA author. Bird sanctuary docent. TV and movie podcaster and blogger. Knitter. She/her. www.linkedin.com/in/sarahandrearuiz/
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Adam Kecskes
I help people improve their personal connections and business leadership skills by teaching the art of rhetoric.