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Nicholas Teague
Feb 27, 2019 · 6 min read

The essays of this collection certainly weren’t created in a vacuum. A significant source of the inspiration has been the music that has served as a soundtrack. Just as I have done previously with the books that have been sources for this material, I will collect here a selection of those albums which have been a significant source of inspirations (as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases). Presented here in chronological order of appearance. If one were so inclined you could perhaps use this list as an index to browse the linked essays based on musical mood. Again this will only be a selection, for a more comprehensive source you can also checkout the Spotify playlist which last I checked is free of charge pretty cool (note that vinyl is Lindy though). Cheers.

essays: Would you rather drive? / Love / On Poetry / A Sight for Obscured Eyes / Automunge / Postscript / An Open Source Platform for Feature Engineering / Automunge Complete / An intro to Automunge

Abbey Road

essays: Life as the Medium / Information Theory

The Animal Years

essays: Triumph and the Chorus / An Imperfect Christian / An Optimal Trade / A Toddler Learns to Speak / Differential Privacy / Machine Learning and Miscellanea / No Silver Bullet


essays: Fools Rush In

Give Up

essays: A Foolish Start / The Privatization of Space / Aphorisms / Faster Data Pre-Processing for Machine Learning / Machine Learning and Miscellanea / Munging in the Real World

Everybody’s Talkin

essays: On Fasting / From the Diaries of John Henry / Making the Complex Coherent / Munging Supremacy


essays: On Unrequited Love / Open Source Automated Data-Wrangling

Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music

essays: A Musical Interlude / Immersive Writing / The Choices of a New Generation / Automated Data Wrangling


essays: A Musical Interlude / An Imperfect Christian / A Toddler Learns to Speak / King Arthur’s Quest / The Choices of a New Generation / An intro to Automunge

Ella and Louis

essays: On Sleep / Automunge Inc

The Essentials

essays: A Letter to the Editor / Long Distance Runner / Government Reform / A Family for Data

Buckwheat’s Zydeco Party

essays: Idea Makers / On Lemons and Their Progeny / On Mornings


essays: It’s Actually Pretty Simple / On Sleep

Kind of Blue

essays: Otis Redding and the Crescendo / Open Source Automated Data Wrangling

Otis Blue

essays: A Betting Man’s Game / A Game of Convexity / An Open Source Platform for Feature Engineering


essays: Mallrats

40 Oz. To Freedom

essays: How to Twitter

Every Open Eye

essays: A Theory of Everything

Jar of Flies

essays: A Theory of Everything / Information Theory / Machine Learning and Miscellanea


essays: Long Distance Runner / My First Kaggle

Waiting For Columbus

essays: Wind Power in America / Parenting Through the Looking Glass / A Tool for Data

License to Chill

essays: An Optimal Trade / Differential Privacy / Information Theory

Highway 61 Revisited

essays: A Toddler Learns to Speak

Jagged Little Pill

essays: A Sight for Obscured Eyes

The Concert for Bangledesh

essays: Differential Privacy

The Last Waltz

essays: Subtractive Adversarial Networks

Pet Sounds

essays: On On The Shortness of Life

The Pink Robots

essays: On On The Shortness of Life


essays: Out of the Box Feature Engineering

Volume 1

essays: Long Distance Runner / On Outsiders / Dropping Out for Fun and Profit

Stop Making Sense

essays: Diverse Feature Engineering with Automunge / Composing Features with Automunge

Green Balloon

essays: #SPIconvention 2016 / Learning to Learn with Automunge

Exile on Main Street

essays: isFraud?

That’s It

essays: Quantum Supremacy


essays: On On The Shortness of Life / A Disclosure of Sorts

The Joshua Tree

essays: Getting Creative With Constraints

Let It Be

essays: READ ME

The White Album

essays: Invest With Your Gut / Long Distance Runner / On Writing / A Theory of Everything / Quantum Machine Learning / An Optimal Trade / It’s Only a Munger of Time / Weather Report / A Table of Contents

Cornell 5/8/77

(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)

For further readings please check out my Table of Contents and Book Recommendations.

From the Diaries of John Henry

Essays and Explorations

Nicholas Teague

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Writing for fun and because it helps me organize my thoughts. I also write software to prepare data for machine learning at

From the Diaries of John Henry

Essays and Explorations

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