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Hardest bug to find. So far…

Be wary… Closure compiler related post. And, by accident, my first post on medium. So be wary even more. (:

It’s 2014 — where is my backendless CMS?

Please stop the madness

Wordpress, TYPO3, and all other great CMS have a huge backend to give you the opportunity to change…

The natural evolution of user interface design

The modern movement of the web

In the 19th century, with the advent of mechanized mass production, an excess was…

6 Analytics Tools for Web & Mobile Apps 

Tools to help you track everything in your mobile app or web app that aren’t Google Analytics. 

JavaScript Better

3 simple tips to improve your JavaScript code.

Doing the following 3 simple things will make your JavaScript code way better:

JavaScript Even Better

2 More Tips for Better JavaScript

After the success of my last post, JavaScript Better, I figured I’d share two more tips for writing better…

From Gulp.js to ember-cli

a how & why

Full disclaimer: I am not pretending to be an expert, so I am open to your input. Be nice ☺

Today started out frustrating. I reviewed some code several times that I had written and it looked correct. I kept getting the same errors over and over again. Despite my best efforts, I couldn’t even get…

Javascript UI components for the masses

Building UI components without dependencies.

The idea of this article is to understand how Javascript has been used over the time to create user interfaces or commonly named UI components. These components are carousels, modal windows, tooltips, accordions, tabs, form validators, etc.

The beginning

MongoDB Relations

Embedding and referencing docucments

Mongo’s relations are the NoSQL equivalent of associations found in relational databases. While serving a…

Considering a Static Site Tool? Learn Gulp.

So easy, a designer could do it

Wait…I’m a designer. Did I just burn myself?!?

Your application is like a ballet performance

Why all developers who build user interfaces should understand motion design.

Aligning type to baseline the right way using SASS

Vertical rhythm is one thing; baseline is another.

Elements animation on initial page render

CSS animations and load event to the rescue from messy page render

Essential Chrome Browser Extensions for Web Workers (Part 2)

Part 2: “Having A Nice Place to Start.”

Practical Uses for Closures

When and how to use JavaScript closures

The closure is a powerful tool in JavaScript. It is commonly used in functional programming…

Drag and Drop Image Upload w/ Ember JS

Multiple file upload with preview

I want to start this out with the disclaimer that I am no Ember.js expert, in fact I am…

Why do I like making things shiny?

When I was a kid, I used to be fascinated by the Jetsons and the way they lived in a highly technologically advanced and automated society. Robots to do everything. I thought, maybe sometime in the future this would be true.

Well, now that I think about it, we are on our way there. Just that instead of having one multipurpose robot to do…

JavaScript Screenshots

User reconnaissance with HTML2Canvas

One of my current projects — GitShoes — takes on the important task of user feedback. I was able to build…

Why You Should Tell Your Boss to Shove It

What is creativity? Are we born with it?

Could it be a gene? If so, is it a gene only certain people have? Or is it one that…

Frontend and beyond
Frontend and beyond

web development done right

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