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Anthony Beaumont
Oct 17 · 8 min read

After our Launch Announcement, we are delighted to reveal details of the Challenges participants can answer during this year’s Future of Blockchain.

For those who are unaware, Future of Blockchain is a 3-month competition for developers in university cities. During the competition, participants can either build a startup or answer a technical challenge. They are rewarded with numerous prizes, both monetary and non-monetary. It is open to anyone who studies/studied or currently lives in the cities of Oxford, Cambridge, London or Berlin.

How it works

Participants can enter (by 1st November) in teams of 1–6. You can either participate by:

  • General Challenge: Building or entering a startup/project of your own design
  • Partner Challenges: Answering a technical challenge

Participants have 3 months (November to mid-February) to complete their project. You must register by 1st November 2019 and submit your project digitally by 16th February 2020.


  • October 2019: Registration Period
  • w/c 21st October 2019: Launch Events
  • 1st Nov 2019 to 16th Feb 2020: Build Period
  • 16th Feb 2020: Submission Date
  • Mid-March 2020: Demo Day


Open to every participant, there is an overall prize of £10k cash.

For each Partner Challenge (not including the General Challenge), there are set prizes. These are listed below

Partner Challenges

Gold Partners


Tezos is a decentralized computing platform with a proof of stake consensus, formal verification and the ability to let stakeholders vote on changes to the protocol.

Challenge 1

  • Spec: Build a DApp on Tezos on a subject of your choice. Examples include Finance, Supply Chain, Public Administration. Building a framework for DApps is accepted too!

Challenge 2

  • Spec: Build tools for Tezos. You can either contribute to existing open
    source tooling projects (block explorers, libraries to interact with a
    node, etc cf., or start from scratch.

Challenge 3

  • Spec: Contribute to one of the parts of the Tezos codebase: its peer-to-peer or storage layers, its consensus algorithm, smart-contract language or voting rules. Full reimplementations are encouraged.


  • Each challenge has a total prize of XTZ 20,000 (XTZ 60,000 in total)
  • At the half of the competition (mid-December), a Tezos jury will select N promising projects with 0 <= N <= 10 and will attribute 4000/N tokens to each selected project (if there are any).
  • At the end of the competition, for each challenge, the 1st prize (if any) would be (at most) XTZ 8,000 (i.e. one roll at the moment), the 2nd would be XTZ 4,000, and so on for every project that the jury wants to reward.



Algorand is an open-source public blockchain based on a pure proof-of-stake consensus protocol.

Challenge 1

  • Spec: Build an asset creation and management platform on Algorand that allows users to specify asset parameters, launch assets via sales, and manage assets on an ongoing basis.
  • Prize*: 15000 Algos

Challenge 2

  • Spec: Build a metamask like Chrome extension on Algorand for keeping spending keys secure and using them to sign transactions while using web applications.
  • Prize*: 10000 Algos

Challenge 3:

  • Spec: Develop template explorer for Algorand’s Transaction Execution Approval Language (TEAL)
  • Prize*: 10000 Algos
  • The Algo cannot be traded in the United States, Canada, or other jurisdictions listed on the Foundation website. For this reason, to receive an award, participants must provide deposit information with a bank located in Europe.


Silver Partners

Near Protocol

Near is a blockchain protocol designed to bridge the adoption gap for mainstream commercial DApps.

Challenge 1:

  • Spec: Integrate with NEAR accounts. This is for anyone who uses the wallet and accounts from NEAR for Single Sign-On. Condition:
  • Prizes: If you simply add SSO and it only logs the user in, then you automatically win $100. If you use the accounts and store data against a NEAR account id, then you can qualify for $500 + 100 Near tokens at the discretion of the judges.

Challenge 2:

  • Spec: Build an app using Near. The app does exactly one thing, and it does it extremely well. This is as much a technical challenge as it is a design challenge. The test for passing this is that your mother’s mother should be able to understand and use your app. Bonus points for a lot of hard work behind the scenes making the user experience epic. Every detail of your user’s experience should be ironed out.
  • Prizes: $5000 + 5000 tokens prize for every submission Near think good enough.


SAP is a market leader in enterprise application software.

  • Spec: Design the Enterprise 2.0: pick a specific industry (e.g. automotive), along with a specific line of business (e.g. supply chain) and redesign it based on the DLT concepts of asset tokenisation, decentralised identity, decentralisation collaboration, interaction of resources without disclosing entire business flows. We encourage you to use any public blockchain
  • Prize: A 3-month paid internship within NVT’s group working out of Potsdam, Germany. Just like with SAP employees who live in Berlin, the winners of the challenge who will accept the internship offer, will be able to travel from Berlin Westkreuz to Potsdam via the SAP shuttle currently in use by SAP employees.


Zilliqa is a high-throughput blockchain platform

Zilliqa challenges will be based around “Social Pay”, which is a blockchain based app developed by Zilliqa that allows users to get ZIL tokens for tweeting.

Challenge 1

  • Spec: Include more complex behaviour in Social Pay that makes business sense, such as varying the reward amount of ZIL tokens based on followers or letting people change the hashtag or build a reward equation based on interactions (likes, retweets, comments)

Challenge 2:

  • Spec: Build Social Pay like functionality, or an enhanced version of it, on other popular social media sites like Instagram, Reddit, Facebook etc


1st: £3000 + enter the final stage of $5m grant pool (which provides funding with 0% equity in return)

2nd: £2000

3rd £1000

Oasis Labs

Oasis is a decentralised cloud with built-in data privacy and security.

Challenge 1:

  • Spec: Run a node on Oasis. Join our staking competition and run a node on our mainnet. The highest performing Node gets an initial grant prize (TBD number of tokens) at end of November 2019.
  • Prize: £1000k in USD

Challenge 2:

  • Spec: Create a confidential version of key DeFi tools. Examples include CDP, Stablecoin, Oracle, DEX, and other ideas in the open finance space. Be creative and consider the key opportunities that blockchain enables in
    finance. This can use existing code from ethereum and porting it over
    to Oasis and adding confidential smart contracts.
  • Prize: £2,000 in USD

The Graph

The Graph is a decentralized protocol for indexing and querying blockchain data.

Challenge 1:

  • Spec: Define a turing-incomplete DSL, which can be compiled down to the primitives used by the bellman Rust crypto library. A bonus exercise would be to define a ZKP which is purpose-built for this reduced set of operations

Challenge 2:

  • Spec: we’re looking for a practical solution to the view update problem to reduce the number of changes we propagate oversubscriptions. Define a suitable SQL subset for which the solution can produce results, and implement the solution in Rust on top of PostgreSQL. The emphasis is on practicality, and should take the needs of The Graph into consideration.

Prizes: $5k per challenge.

Bronze Partners



Witnet is a decentralised oracle network built on a blockchain with a native token.

Challenge 1

  • Spec: Build a Dapp for mass adoption using Witnet. No blockchain experience needed, just used the Witnet guides!
  • Prizes: 10 prizes. Top 3 will receive £500 each and rest will receive £100

Challenge 2

  • Spec: Build a block explorer for Witnet to offer detailed information about the current and past state of the Witnet Blockchain.
  • Prizes: £1st: £2k, 2nd: £1k, 3rd: £500


AdEx Network is a new-generation solution aiming to address and correct some of the most prominent inefficiencies of the online advertising industry: user privacy misuse, ad fraud, lack of transparency in reporting, etc.

  • Spec: Build a solution/migration for click fraud that works with AdEx Protocol
  • Prize: £1,500 with an additional £2,000 available for exceptional projects.


Arweave is a novel data storage blockchain protocol enabling a permanent serverless web and creating truly permanent data storage

  • Spec: : Build a decentralised app on the permaweb, using Arweave Deploy and Arweave JS
  • Prizes: 1st: £3,000, 2nd: £1,500

Catalyst Network

Catalyst is a full suite of new technologies enabling secure, decentralised computing and data storage.

  • Spec: Develop a EWASM compliant execution engine in C#. EWASM is a restricted subset of WASM to be used for contracts for Ethereum with Execution engine being the successor to EVM.
  • Prizes: Internship (with the prospect of full-time of employment)

Launch Events

We will have a Launch Event for the competition in each city to provide more information to potential participants in the competition. The dates of which are:

Monday 21st October: Berlin

Tuesday 22nd October: Oxford

Wednesday 23rd October: Cambridge

Thursday 24th October: London

All events will last from 7–10pm. The format will be talks about the Competition and the Challenges, followed by an Information Fair.


Registration is now open, please do so via

Thank you to our partners for all their support!



Anthony Beaumont

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Operations Director at StakeZero Ventures

Future of Blockchain

3 month university blockchain competition

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