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The Hot Pink Escort From My Dad

My college graduation gift from my parents was a car.

I don’t remember when my mom and dad decided on that as a gift, and I don’t know why…

Best Friends and Frenemies — in Real Life and Fiction

I’ve always loved a good friendship story. In fact, one of the best ways to make me cry is by showing me two friends who will go…

How a Child Slave Created a Billion-Dollar Business

In the Indian Ocean, fifteen hundred miles east of Africa and four thousand miles west of Australia, lies an island that the…

Curiosity Over Creativity

How to conquer your creative stress

In his prolific lifetime, Isaac Asimov wrote nearly 500 books on topics ranging from his beloved…

Brainstorming Does Not Work

Why people who brainstorm are wasting their time.

Brainstorming was invented by advertising executive Alex Osborn in 1939 and first…


A home for books and authors on Medium

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