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I Lived the Most Unusual Gay Christian Life Ever

A short synopsis of my life story

The Wonder Years

From my birth into an Air Force family (with a father who was a World War II highly decorated hero), the word “homosexual” was never whispered. Anywhere. Anytime.

The Air Force Years

What little I heard about “gays” when I was growing up was limited to pejorative terms, such as “perverts, queers, fags” — none of which described my nature. In contrast, I was an all-league football player who went to an all-male Air Force Academy (whose motto was “Bring Me Men”). That alma mater was the second hardest university in America in which to get admitted. The Academy was uber-masculine and built to “weed out the bad apples.” Up to the challenge, I became one of the highest cadet commanders, graduating in the top 10 (of my class of 750) in leadership competency. I ate up the pressure and sought to be the very best: the man among men.

The Married Years

In my final year at the Air Force Academy, I began dating the most beautiful woman in the world! Gosh, I was head-over-heels in romantic and erotic love with her! I longed to be with her — and missed her every time we said goodbye. Astoundingly, she agreed to marry me. And so, I promised my priest, my family, and my very best friends (all in attendance at our wedding) that, “I will never leave you — until death do us part.”

“Honey, I think I’m a homosexual.”

And when that sixth word entered into my wife’s ears, our marriage effectively ceased.

The Conversion Therapy Years

My wife demanded I undergo counseling to remove my homosexuality. I did not need counseling to automatically be aroused to my wife or maintain an erection throughout the culminating orgasm. All of the vaginal intercourse with my wife was personally satisfying but not ravenously sought by me.

The “Focus on the Family” Years

After retiring from the Air Force after 20 years of very distinguished (and very closeted) service, I became a civilian. Furthermore, Focus on the Family (a.k.a., “Focus”) hired me as their vice president (and president of their one-semester college institute). Dr. Dobson was my boss — a man whom I highly revered before joining Focus. And if you are one of the few people unfamiliar with Focus on the Family during the years of 1995–2004, please know it was the most powerful evangelical force in America. No Republican nominee for president of the United States could get elected without first earning Dr. Dobson’s endorsement.

The Counseling Years

After resigning amicably from Focus on the Family in 2004, I used my Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology, plus my Licensed Professional Counselor credentials, to begin counseling homosexual Christian men. Because of my evangelical track record as Focus’ vice president, that company referred all of their homosexual clients to me. Soon after that, Exodus International learned of me — and they too referred many of their ex-gay clients to me for counseling. Even Dr. Joseph Nicolosi’s NARTH organization referred homosexual men to me.

The Out Gay Years

My wife of 41 years died of cancer in 2017 — and I had fulfilled my promise to never leave her, “until death do us part.” I then universally declared myself to be a gay man who deeply loves Jesus. I then had a short-lived identity with celibacy; developed a romantic love for a gay man in whom I am now married; revised my theology — and am now an “exvangelical.”

Jesus loves you exactly as you are. So do I. Together, let’s provide kindness and equality to all gay Brothers.



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Mike Rosebush, PhD

Lover of Jesus | Gay Married| Founder/Writer “GAYoda” | Counselor/Encourager