‘Game of Thrones’

Commentary, criticism, discussion, and recaps about the HBO fantasy series

Life Lessons from Game of Thrones

TV’s Most Informative Show!

Game Of Thrones and the Women Of Westeros

An Introduction

Westeros is an… interesting place to be a woman. As many know, A Song Of Ice And Fire and, consequently…

What’s Your Game Of Thrones Fitness Level?

Which House Would You Belong To?

Game of Thrones is back (G.O.T) on the television and I was wondering what House would…

Game of Thrones & HR Recruitment Strategy: 10 Surprising Common Points

Game of Thrones — The characters, the sorcery, and the dark murmurings offer a weekly course in…

Mobile Game of Thrones: If Lannisters played m-games

free for Android and a bonus

We choose a house, we break it down, and we pick out a mobile game for every…

Why Can’t ‘Game of Thrones’ Love a Hateful Woman?

HBO’s hit fantasy show has a problem, and it’s tied up the treatment of its most complicated villain. 

The Mystery of Joffrey Baratheon —  Game of Thrones

… the purple wedding whodunit and the nature of the boy king of Game of Thrones

Cutthroat Leadership Lessons from Game of Thrones

It’s kill… or be killed. 

Warning: Game of Thrones spoilers ahead!

Ten things I want to see in ‘Game of Thrones’ season 4

Unlikely, perhaps, but then again, so was the mainstream success of such a fabulously nerdy series…

Today’s the first day of the new series of the greatest television series of all time (if measured by either gratuitous nudity or gore, at least.) So, quivering with anticipation, I’ve put…

Femininity on Game of Thrones

Being girly means you will be unlikable

Last night, as the 60-hour Game of Thrones “Take The Throne” marathon played in the…


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On The Ways We Read A Story

Why we read stories, how we read stories, and the way they are related.

Drafting the Westeros Dragons

The best football team in all the Seven Kingdoms

The one thing guaranteed to make you miss something you love is a teaser.

What Game of Thrones taught me about starting up.

It has been a fantastic few weeks during which I covered all the three seasons, and loving every bit of what they showcased. Though the…

‘Game of Thrones’ and the Threatening Fantasy

Game of Thrones is a show for Star Wars fans who thought Princess Leia should’ve been raped. Or at least that she should’ve been shown…

‘Game of Thrones’
‘Game of Thrones’

Commentary, criticism, discussion, and recaps about the HBO fantasy series

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