Ultimate Guide to FIRE!

A primer on everything you need to know about Fire

Nov 20 · 7 min read

With The Seabound Soul Content Update, FIRE has finally been brought to the game- and if you’re not careful, your ship might go up in flames! In this guide we’ll talk through how fires get started, how they interact with players/ships/A.I., and all the new tools that come along with them. Keep a cool head and read on to become an expert fire fighter!

Where does Fire come from?

This new weapon type can be found in random barrels (and base supplies in Arena). They occupy a new inventory category called ‘Throwables’ (allowing up to 5 to be carried), and they can start fires in two different ways: as Cannon Ammo or a Throwable Grenade.

Firebombs can be loaded in the cannon by pulling up the ammo selection wheel, just like Cursed Cannonballs. When fired at land or at another ship, they start a medium fire

Firebombs are the first throwable “grenade-like” weapon in the game. When equipped, the primary function button will throw them a short distance, making them explode on impact and start a small fire

Although Firebombs are the main fire starters in the game, several long time mechanics will also start fires now. Lightning Strikes, Gunpowder Explosions, Volcanic Eruptions, and even burning food on the stove will all start fires at the point of impact on the ship.

So now that you know what starts fires, let’s learn what fires do once they’re burning:

Fire vs Players

Whether walking through a patch of fire on land or on a ship, players will catch fire.

You’ll know you’re on fire when the screen becomes tinged in red, a musical cue plays, and your health begins to slowly deplete (similar to Snake Poison). You’ll also catch other people/skeletons/animals on fire as you run around!

If it kills you, you can get the Red Flame of Fate from the Ferry of the Damned.

If you jump into water, stand in the rain, or have a crew mate throw water from their bucket, the fire will be doused… and you can even douse yourself with the new secondary function of the bucket!

For the easiest way to get a bucket full of water, read about the new Water Barrel further down in this guide

Fire vs Player Ships

When a fire starts on a ship, it will be localized to a small “patch”, but don’t get complacent- patches of fire spread quickly and can grow out of control.

Over time, a patch of fire on a floor/walkway will spread to adjacent floor space, down stairways, will “jump” between floors (i.e. a fire on the top deck will start a fire in the same spot on the deck below it), and will even spread to the masts, capstan, and wheel.

In addition to spreading, fire will gradually deal damage to these parts of the ship, including damaging masts/wheel/capstan and even putting holes in the hull.

Rain will put out fire on the top deck of a ship, and some fires in the very bottom hull will be put out as water flows in from damage-holes, but most of the time you’ll need to manually put fire out by splashing buckets of water on it.

Water that you dump on fire will put out a patch of it, but if it’s spread all over you’ll need to keep bucketing and put out many patches- and it might be a losing battle if you aren’t fast enough to stop the spread! Work together with the crew to get it under control.

Water that puts out a fire doesn’t fill the hull of your ship like most water you dump from a bucket

For the easiest way to get a bucket full of water, read about the new Water Barrel further down in this guide

Fire vs A.I.

If an animal catches on fire, either in a cage on your ship or attacked on an island, it will die and drop meat that is already cooked. Don’t worry about your pets though, they always flee for safety and won’t catch on fire.

Unfortunately, these giant beasts won’t be caught in a blazing inferno- but fire bombs fired from cannons seem to deal some damage on contact. Best stick with Cannonballs against these monsters though!

Just like players, Skeletons can catch on fire and gradually lose health. Unlike players, they don’t bucket water on themselves- they wait for the fire to go out on its own, or they die, whichever comes first

Unfortunately for us pirates, Skeleton Ships are too waterlogged for their boards to catch fire- it seems you can hit the skeletons aboard as with island skellies, but fire will not spread across the ship and cause them to sink

Fire vs Objects

Several of the tools and loot items you gather can be impacted by fire, so be careful.

As fire spreads, it will detonate gunpowder barrels that it touches, kill animals in crates and cages, and even damage Rum cargo crates!

Tools not Rules

Alongside the aforementioned Firebombs, The Seabound Soul update brings several new tools to the game that make use of Fire

This new barrel built into every ship type is vital for combating the spreading flames. Acting as a wellspring, this barrel is filled with water that you can pump in from the outside, allowing you quick access to fill your buckets.

The Water Barrel is located by the stairs to the lower deck on the Sloop, next to the equipment chest on the Brigantine, and on the middle deck next to the map table on the Galleon.

The barrel can hold up to three bucket fulls of water, and is full by default. however, once you bucket the water out you’ll need to replenish it by hand by manually pumping water in. You do this by mounting the barrel and using the primary action button to pull the lever (~one second per bucket’s worth of water)

From Left to Right the locations of the Water Barrels on the Sloop, Brigantine, and Galleon

Campfires on islands have been revamped to give a proper survivalist feel- now they require you to build them and then light them if you want to cook food.

You’ll need to use a plank of wood and perform an action to first build up the wood base, and then you’ll need to light it- you can raise a lantern to do this, but striking it with a sword or throwing a fire bomb will also do the trick! But be careful- campfires create smoke stacks that can be seen from a distance. You won’t be stealthy cooking that ruby splashtail!

There are new tools for starting, using, and putting out fires, and a variety of ways Fire impacts the journey once it’s raging. With this information you’ll be able to keep cool and tame the flames!

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Golden Sands Blogpost

Sail into outpost for your one stop shop of Sea of Thieves news and campaign guides. Check https://DKVine.com for Rare’s shared gaming universe

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