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Jun 26, 2018

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Coaching Format, Methods, and History • GREAT FUTURE NOW Coaching

How Coaching Works; Standard Format for Coaching; Some Benefits of Coaching; Models & Methods for Coaching; and More to Come…

How Coaching Works

  • the power of collaboration,
  • creativity,
  • practical best-practices for workflow engineering and performance improvement,
  • cognitive-behavioral interventions, and
  • project management mastery…

…Achievement Coaching helps clients create, assert, affirm and sustain:

  • Clarity, Focus, and Purpose;
  • Commitment and Accountability;
  • Momentum toward Goals and Objectives; and
  • Achievement of Milestones and Rewards.

Additionally, clients are empowered by greater personal integrity and bolstered confidence.

Standard Format for Coaching

Benefits of Coaching

(a.k.a., The Effects of “Coach-guided Collaboration”)

Coach-guided collaboration (a.k.a., “Coaching”) differs from mere collaboration in that a client’s investments of trust and energy with a coach creates a uniquely powerful and productive synergy of partnership, allows for shifts in outlook and possibility, and yields extraordinary results. Several effects of the collaboration of coaching that create and sustain change for every coaching client are:

  • The Partnership/Commitment Effect: It is a phenomenon of the human condition that commitment to intentions and goals intensifies and partnership is generated when you (the coaching client) invest your trust and energy with your coach and you actively accept to engage in coach-guided collaboration.
  • The Awareness Effect: Peaked awareness, clarity, reflection, and heightened creativity are achieved for the coaching client through the guided collaboration of coaching.
  • The Focus Effect: Collaborating with a trusted partner while giving attention to the present moment and real-time circumstances produces focus on what is really going on and what truly stands-out as the greatest priority.
  • The Discovery Effect: Guided collaboration of coaching allows for the realization of otherwise hidden questions and the discovery of answers that cannot otherwise be realized if an individual attempts to explore alone.
  • The Revelation Effect: Engaging in collaboration with a coach reveals to the client that which you did not realize that you did not yet know. When coach-guided collaboration is at play, you have the unique opportunity to discover and become responsible for constraints to your point-of-view, judgements and attachments hiding-out in your “blind spots.” A revelation emerges for you about what there is to do to further your achievement when you become aware of what you didn’t yet know was out-of-sight from your point-of-view and as yet to be revealed or discovered by you.
  • The Accountability Effect: Responsibility, confidence, keeping one’s word to others and to yourself, and follow-through increases and you increase the instances when you no longer settle for that which does not produce the greatest possible outcomes when engaged with your coach for coaching.
  • The Momentum Effect: Coach-guided collaboration, your coaching, fosters rapid turnover of ineffective methods, plans, and actions in favor of successful methods, plans, and actions resulting in fast and efficient achievement of the most desirable results.
  • The Breakthrough Effect: Each of us manifest beliefs and behaviors that seem second-nature, automatic, and sometimes hidden from our awareness or perhaps even in our unconscious mind. With coach-guided collaboration, you have the unique opportunity to discover and become responsible for constraints to your point-of-view, judgements and attachments hiding-out in your “blind spots.” Amazing breakthroughs (i.e., a culmination of revelations that change how you understand and relate to your world, amazing and profound correlating shifts in the direction of your life, and new empowerment for compelling new adventures) happen when you become aware of and take responsibility for what’s been going on, previously invisible to you, in your blind spots!

A Few Models and Methods of GREAT FUTURE NOW Coaching

Rewriting the Future: Based on The Three Laws of Performance


Appreciative Inquiry

Language-based and Physiology-driven Affirmation

PI Technology and Methodology

Cognitive-behavioral Interventions

Personal Effectiveness Best Practices

Progressive and Holistic Business Vision and Commitment

Life-Work Balancing and Lifestyle Design

Cooperation, Unity, and Collaboration

Topics to Come Later…

  • Differences Between Coaching, Therapy, and Counseling
  • A Brief History of Coaching (adapted from “The New Private Practice” by Lynn Grodzki, 2001)
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