GREAT FUTURE NOW Coaching announces Virtual Workgroups, Performance Breakthrough Virtual Workshops, and Virtual Lunch & Learns for 2021

VIRTUAL ACHIEVEMENT WORKGROUPS are Cost-Effective and Easy-to-access Program to Get On-going Coaching for Individuals


To register for membership into an upcoming Virtual Achievement Workgroup visit the GREAT FUTURE NOW Coaching Events portal.

PERFORMANCE BREAKTHROUGH VIRTUAL WORKSHOPS Strengthen Teams and Boost the Performance of Corporate Groups

More about the format and features of the PERFORMANCE BREAKTHROUGH VIRTUAL WORKSHOPS will be posted here shortly. Check back soon for updates!

To book a…

November 2019 Event Announcement from ACHIEVEMENT COACH GREG KILGORE and GREAT FUTURE NOW Coaching

Join me, Achievement Coach Greg Kilgore, for PechaKucha Night Orlando v27 on Friday, November 8, 2019

Every so often here in Central Florida, several hundred creative spirits and curious thinkers from our community discover an opportunity to come together and be enlightened and delighted by inventive and provocative ideas…

Have you noticed that often when you have a decision to make, you seem to be too close to your own problem for your own good? A concept known as, Solomon’s Paradox, proposes that people are wiser when reflecting on other people’s problems compared with their own. …

Right now, I care for two plants. To be precise, I care for two dark green Dracaena Janet Craig “Compacta” low-light, indoor plants. (I usually care for three. Though I recently moved; and so one of the set of three unfortunately didn’t survive the move.)

“(The) dark green Dracaena Janet Craig ‘Compacta’ is… a ‘low or no light bathroom plant’.” [credit:]

You care for a couple of plants — so what?

So what? You may be…

GREAT FUTURE NOW Coaching’s new Virtual Achievement Workgroups program revolutionizes accessibility to workgroup coaches and leading-edge approaches to altering human performance for individual achievement offered for innovatively-designed value-for-cost pricing to disrupt the personal development marketplace.

GREAT FUTURE NOW Virtual Achievement Workgroups is a revolution in accessibility to Human Performance Development for Individual Achievement

GREAT FUTURE NOW Coaching’s new Virtual Achievement Workgroups program revolutionizes accessibility to:

  • your own professional workgroup coach;
  • an integrated (“best-of-all-worlds”) cross-discipline workgroup format;
  • leading-edge, case-proven performance-altering techniques;
  • and an innovatively-designed value-for-cost pricing model for services.

GREAT FUTURE NOW Virtual Achievement Workgroups coach and support you to achieve ongoing breakthrough results.

Featured Highlights

Here at my Personal Creativity blog on, when inspired, I will be casually:

  • curating and re-publishing cherished poems and musings from days- and years-past, as well as, blogs gone-by; and
  • sharing new and emergent personal musings, poems, and exploratory ponderings of a personal nature.

For my more professional “Insights for Coaching Clients, Coaches, and Leaders” germaine to Achievement Coaching, please visit the GREAT FUTURE NOW Coaching blog: Insights for Your GREAT FUTURE NOW

Regarding my passionate endeavors to give rise to paradigm-transformation in the domains of society and culture, please visit:


I forgive myself for…

  • screwing up my life everyday up until now to the degree that my life is a mess and so screwed-up
  • being self-loathing
  • being selfish
  • not being self-loving and self-serving enough,
  • not being loving
  • not being lovable
  • lying to myself
  • lying to myself about how much I lie to myself
  • lying…

“I feel like I’m on a life support machine, and they keep pulling the plug to charge their phones.”
Amy to Dan bemoaning her role as the Veep’s campaign manager

You’ve become just another picture on the wall
I can’t remember the last time I realized you were hanging there eye-level
Once I looked straight at you to appreciate why
On display for my day-to-day gratification, now and again now, the days count off in empty silence
You, null space, in mind’s white noise
While I’ve become just another nondescript frame of references
Novelty of conversations, contexts, contents, consciousness all eroded by time and lack of presence
Oh wait, dare I say, there you are

Achievement Coach Greg Kilgore

Coaching for Breakthrough Performance, Transformative Achievement, and Empowering Leadership • 407.796.8362 •

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