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Groove with Us
Creating a new definition of ‘accomplishment’

An intro to Groove

We can all agree that the major shift to remote work and work from home has brought many significant (and positive!) changes to the possibilities of what work can look and feel like. …

Josh Greene, CEO and Founder of Groove

Josh Greene, CEO and Co-Founder of Groove

Have you ever wondered what a typical day or routine of a startup founder is like?

Maybe you’re considering founding a company, or you’re just curious. …

We are currently living in the age of career disruption.

Have you reconsidered your career in the past 18 months?

If so, you’re not alone. The coronavirus pandemic accelerated a long-overdue reflection on why traditional career paths and working “norms” should be left in the past.

Remote work had many…

What does the opposite of loneliness feel like?

That’s the feeling I want to create at Groove as Head of Community.

I’ve been obsessed with connecting with other people since a very young age. This is a chance to do that at scale and help others make meaningful connections too.

The more the merrier or flying solo

Three people toasting with three cups of coffee

The freelancing dream: one of its great appeals is the freedom, the flexibility, working for yourself.

I’ve been enjoying these perks of freelancing for nine months now, but there’s been one consistent downside to freelancer life I can’t shake: it can feel a bit lonely.

Do we need a team…

Going from zero to one requires a laser focus on just these key things

Groove’s app interface
A glimpse at Groove

The starting line

I first met Groove’s founders for a design brainstorming session over Zoom during one of the COVID lockdowns. Josh and Sruli had started working on their idea of a social coworking platform, but nothing really concrete…

How to find creativity and connection at work, with or without my product

People often ask me: “When can I Groove?” and my response until recently has been “I’ll let you know as soon as we are ready to onboard new members.”

At Groove, we’re building a digital social workplace…

One year ago, almost to the day, I embarked on a new journey: building Groove.

Morning photo on the way to breakfast on the Art of Living ashram

It’s been a happy, wild whirlwind. …

What I’ve learned so far in my search for a successful work/travel balance

With most knowledge work making the full transition to being remote-capable in the past year, it feels like traveling while working is more doable than ever. Nothing is stopping us from getting our work done on the…

Groove’s team of freelancers shares our best tips and tricks

Any remote-based freelancer knows that it can be hard to find focus in your day, hopping between clients and projects without a fixed team or corporate structure.

In order to get to that focus, we recommend creating a little structure…

Groove with Us

Creating a new definition of ‘accomplishment’

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