Stoked on Meteor — How to build awesome apps with Meteor

Meteor is the fastest way to build JavaScript apps, they say. And not only fast, but it’s also easy to learn and powerful.

I’m a big fan of MadeByElvis’ work, and you may too.

Note: this article is part of a series called Stoked on Meteor, the introduction and the syllabus can be found on this article: The Goal is to Learn. Enjoy your read!

Tools in hand

The modern JavaScript ecosystem deals with a recurrent problem, an enormous fatigue due to heavy tooling and a fast evolution of these tools.

However, Meteor presents itself as the cure to the JavaScript fatigue. First of all, do you know JavaScript?

If not, I invite you to read this primer to JavaScript in Meteor and to learn to code with some courses on the awesome Codecademy.

Ok, I read this article and followed a JS course on Codecademy. So what now? When do we start?


Now, it’s time to go to, follow the instructions to install Meteor and 30 seconds later; you’re ready to code.

Take place in the rocket launcher

You are now ready for adventure!

You should first aim to complete the simple Meteor tutorial to get familiar with the basics and build a simple app in minutes. If you already know to code with React or Angular, you can also follow the tutorial with this view layer.

Wow, I learned crazy concepts easily! Meteor seems cool!

Kind of cool, right? If you still want to dig into Meteor, I would recommend following the high-quality videos series from LevelUp on Youtube.

I would also recommend reading the Discover Meteor book, now available cheaper than ever!

Ok, I know how to build cool stuff now.

And things are just becoming fascinating..!


The Meteor Guide. Unfortunately not as famous as the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, this is an essential tool in your toolset to make your way through the wilderness of the Meteor ecosystem.

It has been developed in the open, and it’s opinionated yet but built with the community. It covers almost everything you have to know, and you can use it as a reference whenever you need to recall something.

I highly recommend reading it once. If you are not convinced that you need it, just take 20 minutes to watch this video from Meteor DevShop at San Fransisco where they explain its point more in details:

Note: MDG is inviting you to contribute to the guide, so if you think you can add a relevant touch to it, don’t panic and contribute to it!

In addition to the Meteor Guide, you may also check some others resources like:

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I’m Xavier, a happy fellow working everyday with MeteorJS as a consultant software engineer.

I want to spread the word that working with this techno is awesome and that you should get your hands on it!

You can find me on Twitter: @xav_cz