FOCUS by thinking inside the box

The box. A versatile tool that forces constraint. Only so much can be fit within its six sides. When filling a box (suitcase, bag, etc.), your focus is on only that which fits. The limitations are not prohibitive, but rather freeing as we can quickly eliminate from consideration everything that will not fit.

Want to better focus on work? Constrain your space. Use a smaller desk, perhaps just a table. Only place on it what you absolutely need to get stuff done. If you can work at a coffeeshop without the excess surface area and distractions of desk, cabinet, and tables, then you can likely work in the office without such.

Want to better focus at home? Constrain your storage. Downsize closet space. Eliminate bookcases, shelves, and cabinets. Get rid of excess furniture. Closet organizers are more a curse than a benefit. They give us an excuse to have more than we need. If you can survive on a long vacation with just the items in your luggage and in your hotel room, then you can likely live on a lot less than you normally do.

Want to better focus your time? Contrain your tasks and conversations. Schedule meetings for 30 or 40 minutes instead of 60. Place a time limit on calls. Identify in advance the purpose of every conversation to better realize that value more quickly. If you can have a meaningful chat with a coworker or client within the duration of a half-hour trip between meetings, then you can likely complete other important conversations within just as little time.

The benefits of a constraining “inside the box” mentality to our space, stuff, and time are improved productivity, cost savings, and availability to do more of what we love with those we love. Define your box and get inside!

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