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Note from the editor

Hawk Talk is a lifestyle magazine written and produced by Montclair State University students in a magazine journalism class talking about fashion, beauty, entertainment, sports and more!

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Kelly Whiteside
Professor at Montclair State
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Amina Lake Abdelrahman
Writer. Editor. Grammar Enthusiast. See more @ aminalake.com
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Sean McChesney
Hawk Talk Staff Writer, Senior Sports Director 90.3 WMSC-FM. Senior TVDM Major concentrating in Sports Media and Journalism Montclair State University.
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Alexa Arrabito
Real excited to be done with school. Real concerned about what I'm gonna do next.
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Alex Daddis
English major. Over caffeinated 80s junkie who talks a mile a minute (just call me Lorelai Gilmore). I love books, football and being punny.
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Christina Urban
Staff writer for Seamless Magazine at MSU. Music/Film lover. I live a cruelty free life.
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Babee Garcia
25. Staff Writer at Seamless Magazine. Aspiring Journalist, USMC veteran, the Montclarion Entertainment Editor.
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Shaun Moore
I wish I was a athlete or a TV star, but instead I’m a college student who loves football and Rick and Morty
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Alexyss Panfile
Junior at MSU / Communication and Media Arts Major / Love to write
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Loren Lewis
Dream chaser and rising journalist studying at Montclair State. Staff writer of HawkTalk.
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Wannabe citizen of the world
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Francesca Mecionis
Age: 23. Occupation: “Professional student” at MSU. Hobbies: Avid reader and gossiper who loves to cook and spend money in her spare time.
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Cristian Inga
Huge love for sports, writing, music, and pop culture. Catch me at any music festival/concert.
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Alayna Higgs
Twenty-One year old college student looking to create stories and articles that bring people entertainment and joy.