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Health Beyond The Fog
A radically better future for everyone’s health and care
Note from the editor

Beyond the Fog was prepared for the Royal Free Charity in early 2018 by Transform (www.transformuk.com). Its authors, Andy Wilkins and Richard Gold, have since presented it at a number of conferences and to senior executives across the sector. It appears that the report fills a gap for long-term, system-level thinking for the future of healthcare. It is a first step at answering the question: “what will healthcare look like in the future when you bring all the innovation trends together”. As a result of extraordinary feedback from the sector, the authors are now planning to see how far we can take this initiative. With the support of a fantastic Steering Group, and engaging experts across a widely defined healthcare sector, we intend to further develop the vision and to create a movement for longer term thinking in healthcare. If you feel you are able to support us in this vitally important activity, either financially (we’re urgently looking for funding in order to keep developing the initaitive) or with resources and your time and would like to be involved from the start, please do get in contact. We’d be delighted to hear from you.

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