How to Be Human

Examinations of the human condition through memoirs.

My father’s book

When I went home for the holidays I saw a book sitting in a pile of stuff by the foot of the sofa. I can’t remember the exact name, but it was something like, “How to Father a Successful Daughter.”

I am my father’s only daughter. And as I stared at the cover I wondered if my life’s upbringing was influenced by the words written on those pages.

Masterpiece: My Astonishing Connection from Art to Childhood Artifact

First Week of Hospice = Last Week of Bullshit (Unless it makes you comfortable.)

Lessons in Life-Living, Death-Prepping & Enlightenment

My mom is only 71. I’d like to get that straight right off the bat, because lately, when I’ve been saying, “We’re going to help my dad get my mom settled in hospice,” people have a more elderly picture in their head.

The Boy Who Gave Me a Welcomeness Complex

We can’t always predict when or why our words will become immortal


“We kept two rabbits, in a hutch my father made…”

We kept two rabbits, in a hutch my father made. It had a sloping roof of plywood, and inside there were two…

What I See in You: A Letter to the Shell of My Sister

Today I told you that the high point of my week was you being alive. You feigned a smile because it made you nervous but I could…

Smoke and Mirrors

“I want to be a doctor,” I said as I folded my hands on the table and smiled at my interviewer. “I think it’s the best way I can give my abilities and knowledge back to the…

Being Emotionally Available

From 0 to 200 in 3.5 seconds

We sat in a restaurant with nothing more than a candle, dessert, and inescapable tension between us. Playing…

On Courage, Vulnerability, and Just Being Human

Love removes us from our pedestal

“You have more courage than me,” he said in response.

Needing Nothing More

Someone you can hang out in sweatpants with

I pulled up to the streetlight and next to me was a silver Honda. The stereo illuminated the front…

“please” at sixteen

Everything is fine.

everything is fine
everything is normal

When Kindness Goes Unnoticed

It’s not about being the hero

When I was a child, my age still in the single digits, my mom and I used to walk to the grocery store a…

Hope Should Sell Better Than Horror

The Sensationalization of Devastation

When I first saw it I almost missed it. It’s hidden behind an old MAC truck settling…

Six Months of Silence

by Nicole Cifani

Until today, I didn’t speak to anyone from there for 6 months.

The Assassination of a Soul

The first time I saw someone killed I was 25 feet away.

I was in my early twenties and the two things I remember most, other than…

When Our Pasts Become Lessons

No matter how much memories hurt, there are things to learn from every painful moment. It just takes time to find them.

Down with The Game

The dating codes we can’t crack, and why we should stop complicating things and just be honest

Don’t Stop Believin’

Two injuries threatened to stop me from running. Instead, they motivated me to run faster.

How to Be Human
How to Be Human

Examinations of the human condition through memoirs.

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