chapter one V I N C E N T

one VINCENT part 2

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Kyle was a glow-stick raver with stainless spikes in his ears until he got hold of a bad…

one VINCENT part 3

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My final coaching conversation was a speakerphone three-way with Sharon at HR. Kyle…

chapter two M A R G A R E T

two MARGARET part 2

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All I needed that day was a shred of peace. Enough silence and sacred space to recover…

chapter three V I N C E N T

three VINCENT part 2

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A science-fair volcano bubbled in my gut. I vented a belch and moaned.

three VINCENT part 3

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The furnace kicked on with a hushed thump and my unoccupied mind began to replay…

three VINCENT part 4

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I hoisted my half-empty glass out of her reach and dumped it into the potted fake…

three VINCENT part 5

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Lying in Carl’s basement I tried to follow a trail of breadcrumbs back through the…