Development update (02.06)

The spring is already over and we are stepping into summer with the fresh updates. Since the latest Development report (01.05) we were doing our best to make the platform alive. Let us look at the results!

Closed beta-test in June

We are glad to announce that the closed beta-test of the infrastructure starts in June. It is an opportunity to move much more forward and to be ready for the products launch, as the infrastructure for advanced trading is definitely required to be solid and reliable.

In brief, to remind you about the integral parts of the infrastructure and their intended purposes, the successful operation of the system is based on three pillars:

Reliability. Order Routing Server (ORS) deals with the communication of the platform with the external liquidity sources: exchanges, OTC desk services and other liquidity pools.

Universality. What is more, ORS, along with connectors, makes it possible to work actively with various exchanges, not depending on their infrastructure peculiarities.

Security. API key storage creates an additional security layer by encrypting exchange keys in such a way that nobody except the original key owner is able to decrypt it.

API key storage workflow

These technologies are already successfully integrated, building up the entire trading infrastructure.

All this brought us to the beta-test start, as being ready for release, the platform needs a thorough test of all the features and elements working hand in hand in real market under any conditions. This way, we expect to identify the potential problems and possible rooms for improvement.

To draw a bottom line, these parts, that would be constantly used on a daily basis, are essential for the harmonious development of the whole ecosystem. That is why so much attention is paid specifically to them.

Thank you for your support! Please stay tuned for more project news.

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