I knew I had to quit when

Tell us about the time you knew it was time to go

Entrepreneurial Advice Nobody Gives You

You just have to go on a journey. Vital lessons every business person needs to learn.

Epic way to quit a job and get your boss fired.

This is a true story.

This guy is my absolute hero for sending this email, back then I was just a regular store employee for this company called MobileNOW, they are a sprint prefer dealer. They use their employees like absolute shit, but this guy got some payback with this resignation email and eventually got our old…

A Tale of Two Grandmas

As Sir Richard Branson suggests, “to know if your business idea is any good, try it on your Mum.”

Something’s Come Up

Last summer I quit investment banking and moved to Chile to teach English

Growing up, I did well in school. I got all A’s. In fact I don’t…

Quit Your Job

On Happiness and Personal Growth

A lot of people hate their jobs. They wake up unhappy, go to work miserable, and come home emitting negativity. They…

When to give up

The right course of action might be to stop what you’re doing, and regain your biggest asset – yourself.

Stepping off the path

“Adults follow paths. Children explore. Adults are content to walk the same way, hundreds of times, or thousands; perhaps it never occurs to adults to step off the paths

To the Laid Off Attorneys of Weil Gotshal

Keep Your Chins Up

Hi! I heard you got canned at Weil Gotschal. Looks like they axed about 100 support staff, too, but let’s stick on topic here. This is about you.

I’m here to offer you five methods of dealing with your layoff. These are tried and true and are sure to make you insufferably happy.

The College Sweetheart

Quitting the best job I ever had

I dated The College Sweetheart for three years: from our Freshman through Junior years. Early one Saturday…

This is How You Quit Your Job

With style. 

Here’s what I did:

I wrote an awesome departure e-mail. I addressed it to everyone at my old law firm. I…

In Search Of…

They had ergonomic office furniture, petty jealousies, after-work drinks. They had belonging.

I had callouses, a vagabond lifestyle, and I had freedom. Freedom…

When Good People Sow Bad Seed

Reaping what is sown doesn’t just happen to “bad” people; it’s natural, divine law. Sow a bad seed, you reap a bad harvest.

When I Saw The Email

I hold an Associate Degree of Specialized Technology with a major in Digital Arts from Bradley Academy for the Visual Arts, now the Art Institute of York. I spent 18…

Every Two Weeks Became Eventually

I’ve wanted to build web sites since I was in middle school; it was, and is my dream job. I taught myself HTML, CSS, and PHP; it’s the reason I spent all of my free time trying to figure out how different things on different websites worked. I went to college specifically to learn about the design aspect of web sites because I already knew the development…

Sunday Night Terrors

I used to work for the weekend. Like everyone else, when Wednesday came I had Friday on my mind. I was working for a paycheck and always looking forward to those two…

Interviews and the real world

It always begins with an interview. Most of the young candidates think interviews are a one-way. They rightfully put a decent amount of pressure on their shoulders because they want to be hired, but don’t realize it’s their sole opportunity to find out whether the job and the overall company fits them.

That Corporate Mentality I Just Couldn’t Be Around. 

This is my first post on Medium so I’m going to try and keep it very spontaneous and true, as that’s what I feel this site should be…

Pressing Reset

> Start

Nearly three years ago when asked if I wanted to help change health care, I said yes. I was engineer #1. At the time the team could be counted on one…

I knew I had to quit when
I knew I had to quit when

Tell us about the time you knew it was time to go

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