Development Overview: Q3 2018

Welcome to our development overview for Q3 2018. These overviews are intended to give a sense of how we are progressing with each of the development goals outlined in our ICONOMI in 2018 roadmap blog post. We will continue to release periodic development updates as the platform evolves.

Q3 development highlights include the first direct purchase of BLX with euro using the fiat gateway (in beta) and the release of the public API.

Take a look at the graphic below for a quick synopsis, or read on for more details.

DAA Managers

As we mentioned in the Q2 Development Overview, our focus for Q3 was larger releases critical to our future growth. Our key activities included:

  • The release of our new trading engine along with the rebalance submission page to enable faster rebalancing.
  • The fiat gateway is in production beta and currently available only to a small group. We also made the first direct purchase of BLX with euro using the fiat gateway, just in time for the end of Delta Summit. You can see it in action here. We will be scaling up the fiat gateway to more users during Q4.
  • Our public API has been released. For full details, read the docs.

For Q4, we will continue to follow the established roadmap, with some changes:

  • We have removed ICONOMI credit cards from the 2018 roadmap due to a lack of suitable third-party providers.
  • We will be handling the ICN to eICN conversion process and changing the platform fees, which will be paid in ETH.

Possibilities for risk reduction

The TrueUSD stablecoin was added to the list of supported digital assets in Q2 to help DAA managers reduce risk. Further methods for risk reduction may be considered in the future.

DAA Management Phase 2

  • Rebalancing submission automation — In production in Q3.
  • Create DAA submission automation — Waiting for implementation.
  • Manager reports — The first exportable CSV report on assets under management and net asset value was released to production in Q2.

DAA tokenization process optimization

Some internal steps will be optimized to ensure that the tokenization process is seamless. The process will probably be optimized as part of one of the next DAA tokenizations.

Support for company accounts

  • Internally flagging an account as a company with company name — In production.
  • Withdrawal two-factor authentication — In production.
  • Multiple users linked to the same company account — In production in Q3.
  • Different roles for different users managing company accounts, including multisignature processes — In production in Q3.

DAA Management Phase 3

  • User country report — DAA managers will be able to see where holders of their DAA are located, which will enable them to make better decisions about which countries to focus on.
  • Referral tracking — DAA managers can set up multiple referral codes and track how many users register using each of these codes. This makes it easier for managers to track their marketing efforts across different channels. Referral tracking is currently in beta release in production.


Introduction of fees

Fees payable in ICN were introduced in Q2. As mentioned in our announcement, fees will be collected in ETH after the switch to eICN.

Big Four Proof of Solvency

The Big Four proof of solvency was completed in Q2. Visit our website for more information.


Our public API has been released. For full details, read the docs.


The full history of each DAA is available to users.

Affiliate program

Referral tracking — a prerequisite for the affiliate program — has been implemented. Future steps are to be determined.

Trading engine upgrade

The upgrade of the trading engine has been put in production in Q3 and will be continuously improved and upgraded in the future.

Custodial services

More information will be released as implementation progresses.


Fiat ramp-up

The first phase of the fiat ramp-up, OTC deals, is now available. We are currently working on broadening access.

DAA discovery page redesign

Due to the continually increasing number of DAAs, the DAA discovery page will need to be redesigned to support better searching. Design and requirements are currently being defined.

DAA manager page

Implementation of a dedicated separate page for DAA managers listing all their DAAs is currently in production.

Website renewal

We made some additions to the landing page of our website in Q2. A much larger redesign has started being implemented.

Major user statistics upgrade

The first phase of this upgrade has been implemented: full price history with charting is now available, as well as several additional indicators.

Debit card

Implementation of a debit card is on hold. We are still investigating third-party providers, but this goal has been removed from the 2018 roadmap.

Direct purchase of digital assets

More information will be released as implementation progresses.

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