ICN tokens now available to investors

ICN lock was lifted a few minutes ago. Investors can now freely move the coins. Custom withdrawal option added to ICONOMI ICO website.

In order to achieve an uninterrupted genesis and distribution process as well as an equal opportunity of accessing the tokens for all investors, the ICONOMI smart contract locked the ICN apptoken for a period of approximately 24 hours. When the Ethereum network reached block 2.505.000, our contract unlocked the ICN apptoken — making ICN fully available to investors.

More information about the ICONOMI smart contract and ERC20 compliant ICN apptoken can be found here: https://etherscan.io/token/ICONOMI. Here are the instructions on how to access ICN with the official Ethereum Wallet and with MyEtherWallet. More details in yesterday’s blogpost.

Concurrently with the ICN unlocking we have also enabled the custom withdrawal option on the ICONOMI ICO website. Withdrawals of smaller amounts will be instant, but bigger amounts will be processed manually (this will be the same if we detect login from unknown device / IP / country / etc).

Until the launch of our fully-featured platform that will offer buying and selling of supported apptokens (coming in the next months), the recommendation that investors who are not crypto experts keep their ICN tokens in ICONOMI ICO website’s wallet, remains.

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