10 Essential Self-Care Reminders

By: Cam and bee

We all need a pick-me up once in a while.

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1. A reminder that we’re here for you.

2. ♪ Simply the best ♪ (Boost that self-esteem like a good song!)

3. You’re already stronger than you think!

4. Sometimes, it’s about finding a new mindset… And kick out The Bully in our Brain.

6. Mindfulness+Gratefulness go a long way! (And they help Beat FOMO as well)

7. Allies are the best. Be an ally today, and help Break the Stigma.

8. Sympathy is always welcomed, but empathy is possible as well. And those are some of the Benefits of Support Groups.

9. Recharge whenever and as often as you need it, for however long it’s necessary.

10. Whatever has happened, whatever’s been done, however long it’s taken to heal…

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