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Minify Your Emails To Improve Deliverability & Engagement

Based on research by Email on Acid, the overall size of your email’s HTML can have a big impact on the deliverability and performance of your email. Sending an unnecessarily large email:

Fluid, High Resolution Background Images in Email

Recently, in the Litmus Community, someone asked if high-resolution background images could be used with the Fluid-Hybrid responsive email technique.

Simplify Email Coding With Content & Display Patterns

Dan Mall’s amazing piece about Content & Display Patterns should be of particular interest to email developers. Coding modern, responsive emails often requires the coder to wrestle with hundreds of lines of duplicate code, deeply nested…

Stig’s Better Email Video Previews with Inkcite

Stig Morten Myre’s Better Video Previews for Email is a modern approach that leverages CSS animation, responsive background images and VML to give your recipients a more engaging, interactive video preview experience.

Tips for coding engaging, responsive emails with modern tools by the creator of Inkcite, the modular design system for modern, responsive email development. #emailgeek #MakeEmailBetter
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