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This is an internal blog for Gratipay contributors.

“Teams Work”

Five months ago I introduced the idea of blog-post driven development—what is the blog post we want to be able to publish and how do we get there?—as a way to focus our product development efforts. The first post I put out there was “Pay Your Heroes.” I want to put a second post out there:

Teams Work
We’ve shown in the past that an…

A Lesson in Traction Channels

Here’s an observation from two cycles of growth experience: the property of a traction channel that makes it work at first, later becomes its limitation.

Gratipay’s first traction channel was Hacker News. HN has a fundamental bias towards shiny new things, which helped us a lot … until we weren’t new anymore.

Roadmap to “Heroes”

In “Pay Your Heroes” I identified a blog post about Gratipay that I want to be able to publish. It’s a biggie! We can’t wait for that to be our next blog post. What blog posts do we want to publish in the mean time, on the way there?

We already published a blog post about our name change. That’s actually our most recent post, almost two months ago! That…

“Pay Your Heroes”

A month ago I laid out a framework for thinking about growing Gratipay:

  1. Breadth (active users) through generous people.
  2. Depth (dollar volume) through open companies.

Then a week later I introduced “blog-post driven development,” or PDD (BPDD? BDD is already taken). What’s the blog post we want to write? What do we have…

Growing Gratipay

I’d like to make a proposal about how to grow Gratipay, based on our user segmentation: we should try to get to a million active users as fast as we can, by optimizing for…

Painting the Bridge

Let’s go back and forth over Gittip one section at a time.

For a while now we’ve been trying to figure out how to get organized. At a high level, we’ve…

Feedback from Shanley

Last night I had a conversation with Shanley in which she provided some valuable feedback on how marginalized people experience unbridled transparency. I’m collecting the feedback here unedited apart from this introduction as a first step in processing it. The context was a conversation about doing an interview for Model View Culture. Shanley and her former business

Breathing with Both Lungs

The 2014 Gittip Redesign Project

We’re going to redesign in 2014. We built a strong developer team in 2013, and in 2014 we’re going to learn how to design, so we can build a truly world-class product. We’re going to breathe with both lungs.

This document starts with a brief history of Gittip’s design, and…


I wrote two months ago in “Relentless Refinement” that we need to “process an increasingly higher-volume stream of increasingly higher-quality pull requests.” I proposed that we align our…

Relentless Refinement

We need lots of good pull requests, aligned around “About” pages

Last week, Isaac Schlueter looked at open-source funding options and…

Reverse Network Effects: How internet startups lose value with greater traction

The challenges of scaling online communities and marketplaces

The future of Gittip

One small slice of the pie

The primary audience for this post are those already familiar with, but I’ll try to provide some context for newcomers.

What is gittip?

Gittip allows you to give weekly donations to any other person, ranging from 25¢ to $100. The purpose of this is to both say thank you…

Money and Open Source

tl;dr - The current situation isn’t optimal

We need to figure out better ways to fund open source software. This is a problem I’ve thought a lot about over the last few years, and what follows is a long exploration.

A lot of developers do well in a traditional corporate environment. The incentives are clear: work hard, make…

Reaching Sustainability

Winning Gittip’s Second Year

Gittip has had a great first year. It’s achieved enough traction to demonstrate the concept of small, weekly gifts and actually start moving real money ($44,724.13 as of this writing) into the bank accounts of people doing awesome work. All the people who have worked to create Gittip should be very proud of the…

Feedback from Hope Leman

Received in email, posted with permission

Hi, Chad. These are just my reactions as someone very interested in crowdfunding. I am going to refer quite a bit to Kickstarter in these jottings because that is the only crowdfunding site I use and it is the one I know the most about.


After 15 years, WYSIWYG that doesn’t suck

I’m building a startup called Gittip, a weekly gift exchange. A year in, we have about 1,000 people…

Inside Gratipay
Inside Gratipay

This is an internal blog for Gratipay contributors.

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