IoT Fest Warsaw — closing the first cycle of IoT Fests in CEE — 1 July 2017

Dear IoT Creators! The first cycle of IoT Fests this part of the year is over. Thank you a lot for joining us during all our meetings. We are happy that you help us build a strong community of IoT creators and enthusiasts across CEE.

On the 1st of July 2017 we met during the final IoT Fest in Warsaw at Służewski Dom Kultury — the event supported by hub:raum Kraków and T-Mobile Polska. There were over 100 participants: IoT specialists, startups, companies, IT students, hardware geeks and everyone who wanted to learn more about the Internet of Things and connectivity and also to exchange their experiences and knowledge.

Before IoT Fest in Warsaw, you could meet us in Krakow -> Bucharest -> Bratislava -> Zagreb.

The event in Warsaw was divided into 3 parts: conference, IoT showroom and IoT workshops. Additionally, everyone who wanted to talk about the IoT opportunities and hub:raum tailor-made programs for their projects could reserve a meeting with hub:raum team.

The speakers were the practitioners in the Internet of Things: Lab4Motion, IQRF/Elhurt, AgriTech Solutions, APANET, VERTICA. They spoke about the challenges and opportunities and the future of the IoT in different areas of our life, such as Smart Home or Smart Agriculture. Tadeusz Osowski from the City of Warsaw presented how the idea of Smart City is implemented in Warsaw. Also, Elma Hot form (alumni from the last edition of WARP by hub:raum) explained how to create an IoT prototype on the basis of their smart bee monitoring solution.

WARP NB-IoT by hub:raum

hub:raum has recently launched the new WARP NB-IoT program which gives a great opportunity to implement an NB-IoT solution together with DT customers. If you want to learn more about the program or maybe you know somebody who could be interested in joining it> check the link -> The deadline for the application is until July 17th, 2017. Hurry up to apply!

At the IoT Fest Showroom the participants could see IoT solutions and speak with their makers. Let’s have a look at what happened there:

A perfect addition to the conference and showroom were 2 IoT workshops provided by Paweł Kazimierowicz from Intel. The first one was a basic introduction to the complete IoT architecture — starting with physical sensors and actuators, through edge filtering and automation on a gateway, to connecting to the cloud. During the second workshop the participants could learn how to connect to the Internet when there is no local network. The solution is mobile network — it can be used thanks to a module with GSM modem. Here are some photos from the workshop:

Event Partners: Urząd Miasta Stołecznego Warszawa, AULA Polska, REAKTOR, Hardware Garden, TechWawa, Business Link, Women in Technology, Geek Girls Carrots.

IoT Fest Warsaw — PARTNERS

Enjoy the video and more pictures from the IoT Fest in Warsaw!

VIDEO: IoT Fest Warsaw — 1 July 2017
IoT Fest Warszawa — 1 July 2017

author: Natalia Sokal, IoT creators