Rainbow Tutorial 1: Install and Create

Aug 29, 2019 · 3 min read

On August 29 UTC, Rainbow Wallet released version 2.3 with a fully upgraded UI and its operations of the new version are a lot more clear. To help users understand the new version better, we have prepared a series of tutorials. Here is the part 1: How to Install and Create your Rainbow Wallet.

1. Install the Rainbow Wallet

To install the App, you can go to Rainbow official website, Google Play, and App Store to download either the Android or the iOS version.

2. Create Your IRIS Wallet

Now that the App is downloaded, you will need to create or import a wallet.If you are a new user, you need to create a wallet;

1. Open your Rainbow App, and choose [Create Wallet];

2. Set your [Name] and [Password];

3. Write down your mnemonic correctly on paper and keep it at a safe place;

4. Fill in your mnemonic in the correct order based on the requirements.

The mnemonic is the only proof of recovering the key! Only the private key is the fundamental proof for using the asset!

For more info: Important Things when Backing Up Mnemonic (3 Dos and 3 Don’ts)

Import your IRIS Wallet

If you have previously created a wallet, please import choose [Import Wallet] ;

1. Open your Rainbow App, and select [Import Wallet];

2. Type the mnemonic of your IRIS wallet. If you forget the original wallet name and password, you can reset them;

3. Tap on [Confirm] to finish importing your wallet.

Switch Wallet

You can open the frontpage, find the switch sign in the top right corner, then choose the blockchain wallet that you want to switch to.

Manage your IRIS Wallet

1. Find [Manage Wallet] inside [Me] to check the wallets that you have already created.

2. You can edit the names of your wallets or delete any existing wallet.

The information above is the first part of the tutorial. If you want to use Cold Wallet to go through the whole process, please go to:Keep Your Private Keys Offline in Rainbow App. If you have any questions related to using the wallet, you can email us at Service@irisnet.org.

For more info:

New Rainbow Tutorial 2: Regular Transfer and Transfer to Exchanges

New Rainbow Tutorial 3: Delegate and Undelegate

New Rainbow Tutorial 4: Withdraw Rewards

About Rainbow

Rainbow Wallet is the first mobile client for IRISnet. Based on traditional cryptocurrency wallet, it provides staking functions based on Bonded PoS. It starts to support IRIS Hub and Cosmos Hub since version 2.0. Users can directly participate in the blockchain network via Rainbow Wallet, manage IRIS and ATOM tokens, and also choose validators that they trust. By delegating and participating in the on-chain security and governance of IRIS Hub and Cosmos Hub, users together with validators can maintain the stability of the network and receive rewards. For advanced users, Rainbow Wallet also provides features of Watch Wallet and Cold Wallet.

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