Iryo Network Roadmap Update (May 2018)

With the current progress of development, a detailed roadmap is crucial for the transparency and execution of the Iryo network. The team is looking forward to surpassing the milestones set below and will ensure to keep the community updated as frequently as possible in regards to future partnerships and new developments.

In May, the first version of the Network was was deployed in Jordan. The platform is piloted by the Tying Vines Inc., an NGO helping close to 6,000,000 displaced refugees across the Middle East that will be able to test the platform.

The first version of the Iryo EHR system features a front-facing application for healthcare providers (doctors, nurses and administrators), a secure and distributed storage protocol (on local servers and Iryo’s cloud), a patient app for Android that will enable efficient patient identification will be added soon. The platform covers different types of workflows and support healthcare data specifically for primary healthcare services. See appendix for the complete list. Take a minute for the short report of the deployment:

After gathering feedback and testing within the environment, Iryo will extend the network to other locations by fall of 2018 (Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Djibouti).

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Q3 2018
· Integration with EOS mainnet.
· Utilizing EOS public ledger for a distributed access control list.
· Data fingerprinting on EOS to ensure data immutability.
· Healthcare providers IRYO token staking.
· Testing of Nucypher’s SDK for proxy re-encryption.

Q4 2018
· First release of the Iryo patient app:
· Storage of data on the end-user’s device.
· Controlling the distributed ACL.
· Public & Private key management.
· Improved end-user onboarding.
· First release of public APIs for Iryo third party app development.
· Test integration with telemedicine platform.

Q1 2019:
· Zero-knowledge data storage.
· Fully encrypted health data with the end-user’s private key.
· Full integration with Nucypher for proxy re-encryption.
· Deployment for a network of specialist clinics in Slovenia.

Q2 2019
· Web application for 3rd party access:
· Generation of public & private key for accessing Iryo end-user data.
· Expanded support for OpenEHR archetypes.
· Updated and enhanced Iryo public APIs.
· Test integration with IoT devices and wearables.

Q3 2019:
· Enhanced granularity of data permissions.
· Zero Pass private key management & recovery.
· Expanded support for OpenEHR archetypes.

Q4 2019:
· Beta release of researcher portal.
· Expanded support for OpenEHR archetypes.
· End-user app support of analyze in place (beta).

· Large scale integration with ERP/HIS.

Primary Services provided in refugee camps under the Walk with me project

Family practice
1. Annual check-ups
2. Immunisation Assessment
3. Chronic Diseases Management
4. Minor First Aid
5. Suturing
6. Lancing
7. Boils
8. IV Fluids

1. Asthma Care
2. Behaviour Evaluations
3. Immunisations
4. Screening: Dental, Hearing, Lead, Nutrition, Tuberculosis, and Vision
5. Sick Care & Injuries
6. Well Child Care

1. General Dermatology
2. Allergic Skin Diseases
4. Melanoma & Skin Cancer
5. Psoriasis

Community Health:
1. Health Education
2. Health Promotion
3. Hygiene
4. Water Sanitation
5. Nutrition
6. Smoking Cessation

School Health:
1. Health Education
2. Vaccine Catch Up
3. Hearing Screening
4. Vision Screening
5. Growth Assessment
6. Nutrition

Dental services:
1. Oral Health Education
2. Cavity Prevention & Treatment
3. Temporary Fillings
4. Sealants
5. Fluoride

Mental Health:
1. Screening for Post-Traumatic Stress
2. Support for Chronic Mental Health Issues
3. Trauma Counseling

1. Advice for Mothers
2. Folic Acid & Vitamin Support
3. Consultation for Low-Risk Pregnancies
4. Breast-feeding Support