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There was once a time, not too long ago…when developers would share their iTwin.js code via means of an email.

Imagine receiving the following email on a Friday afternoon.

For the person reading this, the next steps are about to be noticeably unpleasant. They involve downloading the source, extracting out the files, installing required packages, building and running the app (whilst keeping their fingers crossed for compilation) before they can start investigating the issue.

There goes the poor person’s Friday afternoon. Maybe this can wait until Monday morning…but we all know how those go.

Because of this struggle, my manager has long had a dream. The dream of solving these code-sharing conundrums once and for all — using a simple web interface.

In fact, this has been his favorite topic on our team calls (since the beginning of time):

“I think we need a sandbox.”

“I really want the sandbox.”

“I know the solution to this problem…it’s a sandbox.”

“Stefan, how is the sandbox coming along?”

Few weeks later…Stefan presents the first sandbox demo.

“This is the best demo I have ever seen.”

“When can we make this public?”

“Is it ready yet?”

“Is it?”


We are proud to introduce: The iTwin.js Sandbox.

The friendly new (and noticeably pleasant) way of sharing code from one developer to another. It makes life so easy for the recipient…that all it takes is a simple click of the link. No more zip files, code clutter, or missing dependencies! And most importantly, no more ruined Friday afternoons.

The manager — day of Sandbox release.

In addition to making the code-sharing process feel like play, these sandboxes have boosted developer productivity and engagement across the board. If you are a non-believer, allow me to share some recent…

If you’d like to create your own Sandbox…head on over to the playground. Use it to experiment with the API, throw some code into your bucket, and sculpt some new features. Getting stuck? Need help? Post your sandbox on GitHub discussions to ask/answer questions. The easier it is for experts to get to your code, the higher the chances of a quick response.

We are thrilled to bring this powerful approach into the iTwin world. It makes for happier developers, a happier community, and of course…one incredibly happy manager.

-Roop, reporting live from the basement.

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