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Consumption 2014

Some of my favourite pieces of content that I have consumed this year.

Best Book

There’s only really one choice for my book of the year — and that’s not because I’ve only read one book. And if you follow me on Twitter it won’t come as a surprise, but my book of the year is Political Order and Political Decay by Francis Fukuyama— his…

Tidal Bore Rafting in the Bay of Fundy

So there I was, back in Canada. Gone was the endless snow and relentless cold — it had been replaced by warm temperatures and beautiful nature. An…

The 10 best vegetarian meals we found in Canada

Guest post by my partner, Liz Lutgendorff

As a vegetarian, it can often be difficult while travelling to find food that isn’t either quiche, vegetarian burgers or plain ol’ salad. However, with planning, you can find some mighty fine vegetarian eats. So here are the top 10 things I ate (or drank) while driving from…

Minor observations from driving 2500 miles through Canada

I’ve spent a surprising amount of time on Canada 2014. Five weeks in fact — which is 12.5% of the year so far. First for three…

Lesser known things to spot when road-tripping through Canada

The World Peace Pavilion is a hidden gem

On the Dartmouth waterfront, just across the bridge from…

Going cold turkey on the internet

Living in an era of ubiquitous connectivity is amazing. At our fingertips, wherever we are in the world is the sum total of humanity’s collective knowledge…

12 questions to consider when picking sides in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict

One of the most baffling aspects of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict for an outside observer like myself is just how passionate partisans on both sides can get in support of their team. I’m not talking about the Israelis or Palestinians themselves, but people who seemingly have no skin in the game.

Look at my collection of erasers

I was planning to write a piece delving into the complexities of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, but then I remembered that the more I try to get my head…

Why I understand the arguments about how awful the tabloids are, yet I’m still anti-Leveson

“One Rogue Reporter” exposes the problems, but I’m not convinced about the…

Discovering “art” at Martin Creed’s Southbank exhibition

What on earth is going on at the Hayward Gallery?

Is The Raid 2 really about Rupert Murdoch?

The ultra-violent sequel is really a satire of House of Murdoch. Spoilers ahoy!

Taking the Ice Road to Moosonee

Because going to places with paved roads seems too easy.

You’d be forgiven that thinking that bad weather makes roads worse…

Snowmobiling to a fishing hut in the middle of a frozen lake

It’s what they do in Canada, apparently.

Russian aggression reminds us why Ever Closer Union is neccessary

Only the EU can stand up to Russian Power

Jesus and Mo go to Westminster

Will the other parties do the right thing in Hampstead & Kilburn?

There’s a bit of a flap taking place on Twitter today over a…

Eruv of this nonsense

God’s rules can’t be broken, but they can be pushed to breaking point.

Apparently Manchester’s Jewish community have constructed the UK

A Proposal: The North Korean Grand Bargain

If money talks, can it speak to Kim Jong Un?

What to do about North Korea is a perennial problem for policy makers…

Why is Stargazing Live split in two?

Ruminations on the politics behind the credits rolling when the show isn’t yet over

How the “hungry dogs” story shows us how little we really know about North Korea

Why watching TV is the best way to figure out what’s going on.

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