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I’ve had the pleasure of booking Jason as a presenter at a number of our events around the world. He’s an amazing speaker, professional, creative, open, and is one of our TOP RATED speakers. Highly recommended!— Shawn Pucknell, Director, FITC Events
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  • Highly-rated talks on creativity since 2006
  • Schools: NYU, Rotman’s, Ivey, Humber, Sheridan, Centennial, OCAD
  • Conferences: FITC, NxNE, iab Mixx, Collide, spring festival, Codemotion
  • Cities: Toronto, Halifax, Vancouver, Chicago, New York, Graz, Amsterdam, Rome
  • All-day creative workshops

Presentations, Interviews, Panels & Workshops


Creative Ignition — Artrepreneur for the York City Arts Council

Create More Better Different — Sheridan College

Create More Better Different — Centennial College


The Working Dead — FITC, Toronto

The Working Dead — Collide, Halifax

Fail to Succeed — DevTO, Toronto

The Pinocchio Effect — iab Roadshow, Toronto


The Fail Lure — Collide, Halifax

The Pixel Painter: An Interview With 98-Year-Old Digital Artist, Hal Lasko — FITC, Toronto

FAIL MOAR! — FITC, Toronto


Create For Your Type — NXNEi, Toronto
8.8/10 Speaker Rating

Fantastic — thorough and thought provoking. Best talk so far!
Really enjoyed it! Will definitely affect the way I work and offered a lot of practical examples to change things in the long term. THANK YOU!

Create More Better Different — Codemotion, Rome


Don’t Be The Ass In Assumption — Conversuation#4, Ad Lounge, Toronto

The Eight Creative Types — FITC, Vancouver; #DevTO, Toronto; NXNEi, Toronto; FITC, Toronto


ETA (Host/MC) — Emerging Technology and Advertising, Toronto
Interviewed Evan Roth and Joshua Harris

How To Create More Better Different — NXNEi , Toronto

All-Day Creativity Workshop — NXNEi, Toronto

Breaking Through Creative Barriers — FITC, Toronto
9.3/10 Speaker Rating

I really found it helpful the way he was able to create concrete tool kits for a generally abstract creative process. I love learning new process methodologies to inform my own processes.
Loved it. Most practical and useful talk i’ve had yet at a design conference.

The Creative Method + Systems v2 — springfestival, Graz, Austria

The Creative Method + Systems: A Primer — OCAD, Toronto

The Creative Method + Systems — Ivey School of Business


Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Banners — Globe & Mail, Toronto

Chaos & Creativity: Special Marketing Edition — iab MIXX, Toronto

The Creative Method + Systems v2 — NXNEi, Toronto

Creativity & Chaos — FITC, Toronto
9.1/10 Speaker Rating

Philosophy & physics to tie into matters of creativity = awesome. Really enjoyed the presentation. Well done.

Ad Vice: Ten Tips for Fledgeling Marketers — OCADU + Humber College, Toronto

Creativity & Chaos — FITC, Amsterdam

Red Riding Hood Remix: Innovation Through Storytelling — Flash in T.O., Toronto


4hr The Creative Method + Systems Workshop — Rich Media Institute, Toronto

The Creative Method + Systems — New York University

There Is No Box: How To Think Beyond The Edge — FITC, Toronto
9.5/10 Speaker Rating

Brilliant and very inspiring!

Extending Your Portfolio Online — OCAD, Toronto


4hr Exponential Brainstorming Workshop — Rich Media Institute, Toronto

How to BS* Better — FITC, Toronto & Chicago[*Brainstorm]


Tweenland: The Trends and Media Environment of ‘Generation Net’Ogilvy & Kraft Summit

All-Day Exponential Brainstorming Workshop — Rich Media Institute, Toronto

1% — Because 99% of the Internet is Sh*t — FITC Roadshow, Winnipeg


Yellow Pages Canada Case Study — Verge, OgilvyOne Global Digital Summit

Branding and Control in the Digital Age — Rotman’s School of Business

Jason Theodor
+1 416 662 0144

Jason Theodor is a Creative Director, Speaker, WriterGeek

Jason’s modest goal is to unlock the world’s creative potential. He is regularly featured at conferences worldwide, including FITC, NXNEi, iab, Collide, springfestival, and Code Motion. Jason also enjoys sharing his experiences with students and is a frequent lecturer at universities like NYU, Rotman’s School of Business, and OCAD. With over 20 years experience in digital marketing, Jason continues to strive for new ways to communicate ideas that are captivating, strategic, and memorable. He is currently writing a book and publishing a daily art journal about creativity and the human condition on Medium.com called All-Day Breakfast.

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