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15 Best Udemy Courses to Learn Programming and Software Development in 2023

These are the best online courses Programmers and Software Developers can buy on Udemy sales to learn Java, Python, Docker, Web development, and much more in 2023

15 Best Udemy Courses for Programmers and Software Engineers in 2023

Without wasting any more of your time, here is a list of the best online courses you can buy on Udemy sales in 2023. The course is listed in no particular order but I highly recommend buying a Docker course as this is one of the most important tools for cloud-native development.

1. 100 Days of Code — The Complete Python Pro Bootcamp for 2023

If you want to learn Python and become a Python Pro then you will love this course from Angela Yu, one of the best Udemy instructors. Having attended her iOS and Web development courses, I can vouch for her teaching skills as an instructor.

best Udemy course to learn Python for beginners

2. Complete SQL + Databases Bootcamp: Zero to Mastery [2023]

This is another course from Andrei’ which I highly recommend it. SQL is one skill that will always be in-demand and learning SQL can never go wrong. While there are many good SQL courses available on Udemy, this one is the most up-to-date and comprehensive.

best Udemy course to learn SQL

3. 20 Web Projects With Vanilla JavaScript

Nobody explains project like Brad Traversy do and that’s why I love his courses. He has some impressive videos on YouTube and that’s how I discovered it but from them, I have become a huge fan of his voice and clear teaching style.

best Udemy course to learn JavaScript

4. Docker & Kubernetes: The Practical Guide

There is no doubt that Docker is an in-demand skill and probably the #1 tool you should learn in 2023. While there are many great Docker courses on Udemy this course from Maximillan Scwarzmull is most complete and up-to-date.

best Udemy course to learn Docker

5. Java Multithreading, Concurrency, and Performance Optimization

Multithreading and Concurrency is one of the most sought after skills for Java developers. There is a high demand for Java developers who understand Multithreading and Concurrency well, but at the same time, this is one of the difficult topics to master.

If you want to take your Concurrency skills to the next level and want to become an expert in Multithreading, Concurrency, and Parallel programming in Java, with a strong emphasis on high performance, then I highly recommend this course to you.

There is a reason I kept it in the first position because this is probably the most important course on this list and highly recommend every Java developer to go through it.

best Udemy course to learn Java Concurrency

6. Master Microservices with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud

Microservice is one of the most important skills for Java developers and if you don’t know Microservice I highly recommend you to learn Microservice in 2023.

best Udemy course to learn Microservices

7. MERN eCommerce From Scratch

This is one project-based online course, I have been following up on for quite some time, ever since Brad Traversy first announced it on Twitter.

best Udemy course to learn MERN Stack

8. Java Application Performance and Memory Management

Memory management and Application Performance troubleshooting is another topic where many Java developers struggle.

best Udemy course to learn Java performance

9. Multithreading and Parallel Computing in Java

This is another awesome Java Concurrency and Multithreading course from Udemy but it’s not free. Its normal price is around $200 but you can get it for just $9.99 on several of Udemy’s online sales, which is almost free.

The course is exhaustive as compared to the previous course and covers more topics and patterns with some real-life examples.

Apart from the basics of multi-threading like threads, lock, synchronization, blocking, etc, you will learn about Concurrent Collections which can simplify some concurrency design patterns like producer-consumer patterns.

Apart from Producer-Consumer, this course also explains the Dining Philosopher Problem and demonstrates two simulation projects i.e. Student Libary Simulation and Minor Game Simulation, which will allow you to apply the knowledge you learn.

best Udemy course to learn Threads in Java

109. 2023 Python for Machine Learning & Data Science Masterclass

This is another masterpiece from Udemy’s most successful instructor and author of the Python MasterClass course, Jose Portilla.

best Udemy course to learn Python for Data Science

11. Complete Web & Mobile Designer in 2023: UI/UX, Figma, +more

Andrei Negaoie is another instructor who has caught my eye this year. Having attended his Python and JavaScript courses I love the way he teaches and creates super engaging courses and this course is another example of that.

best Udemy course to learn Figma and UI Design

12. Learn Java Functional Programming with Lambdas & Streams

This is probably the best Udemy course to start with Functional Programming in Java. In this hands-on course, we will learn to write some excellent Java code with Functional Programming.

best Udemy course to learn Functional Programming in Java

13. Clean Code

Coding is an art and not everybody can write code that can stand the test of time. The code is easier to read and extend. The code which is robust and handles errors gracefully, the code which looks like a flowing river. Yes, I am talking about clean code.

best Udemy course to learn Clean Code

14. Learn DevOps: The Complete Kubernetes Course

Along with Docker, Kubernetes is another tool that I am learning and recommending to all senior developers. Kubernetes take the deployment and scalability to another level and given the increased push for cloud-native development, you will need to learn Kubernetes sooner or later as a full stack developer.

best Udemy course to learn Kubernetes

15. Ultimate AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner — 2023 [BRAND NEW]

If you want to pass the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam in one week and looking for one, solid, online courses which cover everything like exam topics, have quizzes and practice test for final preparation then you must join this Ultimate AWS Cloud Practitioner course by Stephane Maarek on Udemy.

I really loved this course and it superbly structured, up-to-date, and full of information which will not only help you to pass the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification but also work in any AWS environment.

If you don’t know Stéphane Maarek is one of the best AWS instructors on Udemy, an AWS Hero, and he has more than 9 AWS and Cloud certifications which means he has gone through the path himself. He even scored 980/1000 in one of the AWS exams which is phenomenal.

I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to become a certified AWS cloud practitioner.

best Udemy course for AWS Certification



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