Jur’s newest partner: Bitrewards blockchain-based customer loyalty program

Jur is pleased to announce our latest partnership in the blockchain sector. BitRewards is partnering with Jur. Jur is a blockchain based hybrid utility token that will allow users to create contracts, escrow funds, and resolve disputes online for free for several contracts a month. Platforms can connect to Jur through an API and integrate all the features of Jur or just the voting system. BitRewards is a blockchain based customer loyalty program.

BitRewards represents an evolution from a SAAS model to a blockchain model. Since 2012, GIFTD has been providing a SAAS approach to customer loyalty, serving over 500 merchants already and producing a 17% average monthly increase in revenue for their customers. Their existing customer base will give them an excellent pool of early adopters, including world famous companies like GoPro and Warner Music.

Merchants will get the feature-rich system that GIFTD has developed over the last 6 years for free. The platform allows merchants to provide users with custom-tailored recommendations. Merchants will have to purchase BitReward tokens to reward their customers, so as use of the platform expands, the value of tokens will increase. Unlike other rewards systems, BitRewards can be used with any participating merchant or sold for other cryptocurrency. Thus merchants will be rewarding users with something that is compelling because it will increase in value and can be redeemed anywhere.

Bitrewards plans to go live with a feature-rich decentralized rewards and loyalty platform with web/mobile apps for merchants and shoppers in January 2019. You can read more about BitRewards blockchain-based loyalty program at Bitrewards.network. You can read more about the basics of the Jur system here on Medium and find out why the Jur dispute resolution system could be an excellent partner for your distributed application or centralized platform. You can also read more about our other partnerships with Scidex, MarketAcross, and Amazix.

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