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    Since the very beginning of Kerala Ventures, our will has always been to bring a unique and strong value proposition to early-stage founders. To draw this value proposition, we did what any entrepreneur would have done: talk to our clients. So at the end of every board meeting, we asked our founders: “what topics can Kerala take from your plate to help you accelerate?”

    Recruitment was systematically in their 3 main concerns.

    This is not surprising as we all know it’s one of the 4 pillars of every business (Vision / Recruitment / Management / Cash).

    Doing the right thing, doing it right and having enough cash to do it.

    So we decided to create a unique value proposition to help founders source, interview and close the best team players.

    After 1,000+ interviews & ~100 recruitments executed for our portfolio companies over the past years, we wanted to take a few steps back to share the methodologies Kerala developed.

    👉 You can reach me at if you want to enrich this guide and/or share your feedback with us.

    👉 You can use the invitation code STOPVOODOO to join the a private group of startups which receive 2 exclusive Kerala-sourced candidates per week.

    Have a good read :)

    Thanks to Thomas Thimothée and Antoine Freysz

    Marc Laurent

    Written by

    VC @keralavc — Formerly @OtiumCapital & @alvencap — @CentraleNantes & @HECParis alumni

    Kerala Ventures

    Early stage investments. Massive strategic & operational support.

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