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Part 5: Interviews That Pick The Best Candidates

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  • bring consistency among all candidates in the way we interview them to ensure we make an educated decision;
  • evaluate as soon as possible how strong we think the candidate’s track record fit the role so we can adapt the interview structuration.

1. Assessing the candidate’s track record

  • Perimeter: “What were you responsible for?”
  • Organization: “Who were you reporting to? Who were you managing?”
  • KPIs: “What KPIs were used to assess your performance?”
  • Evaluation: “How did those KPIs evolve while your were there?”
  • Transitions: “How did you end up joining this company? Why did you leave?”
  • References: “Who was your line manager? How will you rank you on a 10-point scale?”
📥 Click on the image to download your Kerala POKETR Interview Guide.gsheet 📥

2. Enquiring the candidate about his/her professional and personal future

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  • What is an ideal day-to-day job for you in the next coming years? Why?
  • What company’s stage are you most interested in? Why?
  • 3–5 years from now, what would you like to do?
  • Why do you think this job is going to get you closer to that?
  • What did you particularly like in your past experience?
  • What would you have changed in your work environment and in your mission?

3. Pitching the startup and the opportunity

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  • Vision: we try to explain how inevitable the topic is and the sense behind it
  • Problem: we try to explain how strong the pain is since it is usually correlated with customers’ price sensibility → awesome if you’re talking to a Sales or Marketing candidate
  • Solution / Product: we try to highlight how defensible the business is
  • Business Model: we try to highlight how [cash /capital] efficient the model is
  • Market: we try to show how big this kind of company can be
  • Achievements of the company so far: we are 100% transparent about the KPIs, the traction, the actual financials and the cash situation. Other companies usually don’t do that therefore we create a strong trustworthy relationship with the candidates by doing so.
  • Context of the role: we try to explain how the company ended up opening this position.
  • Objectives for the coming months and year: we try to highlight how ambitious and feasible the objectives are.
  • Equity story, last post-money valuation and next likely funding round: we try to explain what kind of upside there is and how much can the candidate take benefit from stocks.

4. Talking about the package he/she expects, his/her timing and the process

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