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Imitation Is Not Flattery

…it’s a threat!

I watching a TV show where a character is bothered by another girl who borrows her clothes, tries to get in with her friends and finally, copies her hairstyle. I know most men will see this as typical teen queen drama. It reminded me of two incidents from my life and I realized why it’s not.

Saadgi: The Indian Plain Jane Ideal

Why India likes its women unpainted, unadorned and vanity-free

Western feminism talks about the infantalisation of women. Childish behaviour is rewarded, glorified and in some cases, forcibly attributed too. I think the Indian counterpart is a bit different — but there is an Indian counterpart. The Indian culture, across…

The problem with this problem

The It’s Not a Problem If I Don’t Think It’s a Problem Syndrome. ( You could also refer to it as: Considering Viewpoints and Worldviews Outside of My Own Takes a Lot of Effort and Sometimes Makes Me Uncomfortable Affliction.)

I got into a discussion last night on Twitter, as I’m wont to do, about…

What Should We Do to Be Successful Women Project Managers?

This article is a chapter of my upcoming book “Women in Project Management”

We Were So Young

actresses, witches, mothers

Last night my favorite former professor told me and my friend that it was better to have an interesting mother than a dull…

At This Moment

My Thoughts on Turning 33

“Where were you right at this moment last year?” My boyfriend asked, curiosity filling his calm, yet inquisitive blue eyes.

We (Still) Need Feminism

An overall cultural + societal evaluation of gender.

I posted this image on my Instagram account a few days ago, thinking it had a…

Someday Doesn’t Exist

Millionaire Mastermind (Part 15)

Someday I’ll do this. Someday I’ll do that. Guess what? Death comes quicker than SOMEDAY. Someday is the best friend of Excuse-Makers. If you like making excuses then someday you’ll succeed- unfortunately you’ll be dead by then. The good news? It is never too late to turn SOMEDAY into TODAY. Every day is an…

Canada can lead the conversation on women’s leadership in the economy

Let’s move towards solutions — here are three places to start

Titles Are Bullshit

Millionaire Mastermind (Part 16)

Just because someone has a title it doesn’t mean that they are more important than you. Most of the time these people lack integrity. They’ll talk a good talk but they don’t walk a good walk. They’ll connive and find ways to get ahead. Often without care for who they trample over. Now don’t get it twisted there…

Being the Centre of the Oreo

Realities of the Sandwich Generation Kid

As I edge closer to my fiftieth year, I occasionally reflect on the fact that more than half…

Be A Fuck Up

Millionaire Mastermind (Part 14)

Don’t be afraid to be a fuck up. FUCK UP until you DON’T fuck up anymore. Hidden within these words are the keys to a great life. Repeat it as many times as is necessary.

-The Millionaire (Page 18)

Damaged Goods

The Pedo-Files

Sometimes the pain of my past comes crashing down on me and I can’t help but to shut everything out. It’s nights like this I’m scared to sleep…

Change Does Not Mean Progress

Millionaire Mastermind (Part 1)

Everything around you is changing. For the most part that is a constant of life. But just because things change it doesn’t mean progress is being made. The world continues to change every single day. But does it mean that WE, as individuals, are making progress? Does it mean WE, as a species, are making…


it ought to be more like breathing…

I dreamed last night that humanity managed to dismantle the inconceivable global exploitation of women and girls — and every other critical world problem resolved itself almost instantly in the wake of this correction to civilization.

I don’t remember how the horror began (dreams are selective like that

Soul Resume

Recalibrate your 2014 and Reengage your purpose Vibe with IT :: Intuitive Transformation

Write The Change

How creating Bechdel Test passing material and being a more aware writer can change the world & earn “billions” more than non-passing content

Throw Yourself Into The Fire

Millionaire Mastermind (Part 2)

Everyone starts out lost and confused. No one becomes a success out of thin air. It just doesn’t happen. There is always a period of pain. A period full of frustration. And doubt. And financial problems. And relationship problems. And spiritual problems. And every other problem that could possibly exist…

Blessed are the average, for they shall age well

the silver lining of not being beautiful

Not long ago, vanity was considered a sin; now it is considered a sin…

A Single, Childless Man Writes about Birth Control 

I don’t have children. I don’t have them because, I think, I don’t want them right now. I assume that, if I wanted kids, I would have…

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