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Tech-savvy women creating the content we want to consume (2013-2014). This collection is no longer accepting submissions, but email your pitches for publication on our many other awesome outlets to!

LadyBits’ First and Last Year on Medium

So long, folks. It’s been real.

In May of 2013, I signed on as a Collection Editor with Medium to launch LadyBits on

7 Ways To Increase Your Chances of Getting Published

Are you ready to see your book on shelves? (More importantly, are you ready to quit your day job and start counting those royalty…

Your Newfangled Media Algorithms are Bullshit

Media startups won’t be successful until they start assigning value to quality writing and reporting.

Sexual Assault without Borders

How being the only girl in a Berlin club meant I was prey

Berlin, like New York, has its own unique allure. The gay scene is a big part of that, especially for men. I lived in Berlin for four months and the hippest place to be on a weeknight was one of the countless gay bars or clubs throughout the city. I frequented these dimly…

How I Gave Up New York

It’s easy to forget the big city dream when you’re living your actual dream

Things That Are More Expensive Than a Tablet Now

A non-exhaustive list

Most t shirts
A hardcover book
A case of beer
A $15 Seamless minimum order plus tax and tip…

Ping Me

a very small message

A young friend once asked on Facebook what it means to “ping” someone. She said that, of late, many people over the age of 35 were asking her…


Why Women Need a Better Call-to-Action

If women really want to get anywhere and matter either in tandem or in competition with their male counterparts when…

A Goodbye Letter 

To: The City of San Francisco. From: your Deputy Innovation Officer

It’s taken me a long time to write this because it’s been hard to say…

Gaslighting: Explained using GIFs from Clueless

Tonight I re-read one of the most important articles ever written in the history of the internet (according to me), Why Women Aren’t Crazy

Confessions of an ex-tech journalist 

20 months, 1,740+ articles, and countless pitches later, I’ve got some truths to tell 

I know how a gazelle feels. There you are, working hard out on the savanna and then BAM! The predators descend, chasing you across the plains, licking their lips, watching your every move, ready to pounce at the first sign of…

Five Atypical Maternal Decisions

The unconventional ways in which my mom made me strong

My mom is not a typical mom. She spent the majority of her twenties…

Fucking Like A Feminist 

Everyone is entitled to a sexual evolution 

As a teenager I was incredibly sexually rambunctious. If I wasn’t on top, which was rare, I…

Unpaid and Unprotected 

New law grants NYC interns recourse for sexual harassment

In 2010, Lihuan Wang was a 22-year-old journalism graduate student and unpaid…

Gurbaksh Chahal and My Mom

Why the board of RadiumOne should fire Gurbaksh Chahal NOW.

I was around 4 years old, living in Orange County in a mobile home park…

Snow White and the 7 Trolls

or, the sad reality of being a woman in the public eye

It’s Not My Job to Fix Your Pipeline Problem

I spend a lot of time, money and energy building my own network— including extra effort devoted to connecting with technical women and…

Yes Virginia, Refusing to Vaccinate Does Lead to Outbreaks

A look at what actual science has to say about some common anti-vaccine arguments.

What it’s Like to Be the Only Female Comedian in the Room

Amy York Rubin on identity expectations, striking out on her own, and the gender politics of comedy. 

I Have it All and I’m Not Sorry

But I am guilty of feeling guilty about my guilt.

Lately I’ve had something in the back of my mind that just will not go away…

On The Front Line in the Fight Against Polio 

Meet the Lady Health Workers risking their lives to do a crucial job for little pay 

Linde Wasn’t Alone That Day

What you didn’t know about the physicist in the viral video might surprise you

Women Are Taking Back Beer

Ladies used to dominate the beer brewing game — then men stole it away

Men and beer have gone together for ages. Beer is crafted…

LadyBits on Medium
LadyBits on Medium

Tech-savvy women creating the content we want to consume (2013-2014). This collection is no longer accepting submissions, but email your pitches for publication on our many other awesome outlets to!

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