Lessons Learned

And thoughts about them.

Why Do People Get Engaged?

This week a couple that I’m friends with, brought the M-word into their relationship. He popped the question, she said yes. Then (as she put it), they fell somewhat silent, seemed to lose their appetites, finished a quick meal and headed home. I spoke to her late in the night and she sounded pensive, worried even. I remember the feeling. It made me think of my own

The Friendship Frisson

It’s spicy and it’s there

I like to call it a frisson in friendship, not even something important enough to merit beginning with capitals and being preceded with a ‘the’. It’s that elusive sense that you can’t quite catch. If it had tangible form, it would be the thing that you seem to catch from the corner of your eye but when you look for it…

The Gravity of Relationships

They hold us back, they define us

I saw the movie ‘Gravity’ this week. If you haven’t seen it already, I suggest you don’t read this post further. This isn’t a review but it may contain spoilers.

Watching Sandra Bullock free float in outer space for two hours made me think how much gravity limits as well as defines our…

A Foggy Walk in Vancouver

Thoughts of life amidst a walk home

When the sky is clear and the sun is shining it is easy to find our way home. But we know the one…


Rejection is a baffling notion to me.

Sure, we’re all susceptible to its emotional tractor beam, drawn to the Mother Ship of self doubt like moth to flame.

Sure, you and I are no different in our basic human attraction to the promise of acceptance and validation.

But the idea that we have no power to break away from the fear of…

Lessons Learned
Lessons Learned

And thoughts about them.

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