My Annual Life Review — v.2018

My approach to conducting a thorough review of my life

Jah Ying Chung
Jan 9, 2019 · 2 min read

1. Compasses

Compasses provide the high-level direction or vision (the what and why) that informs my how I approach the various areas of my life (the hows).

  • Purpose
    My deeper, underlying, fundamental values and wants. My philosophy of life. My sense of purpose, vision, and meaning.
  • Personality and Preferences
    My identity and model of myself. Understanding my strengths and weaknesses, virtues and vices. My motivations and social preferences.
  • Positioning and principles
    My role in my community and the world. Identifying my comparative advantages and how to make the best use of them. How I choose what things to pursue.
  • Perfect Day
    What an ideal day might look like

2. Areas of Potential

The four keystone areas that enable me to actualize my purpose, and (in the process) feel a deeper sense my humanity.

Work & Contribution

How I give value to the world. My work, job, career, and business. My position, title, role, and responsibilities. My source of impact and income.

Feeling & Expression

My ability to feel and experience the human spectrum of emotions. My creativity and its expression. The ability to connect with others.

Physical Performance

My physical endeavours, talents, skills and ambitions. My fitness, skill development, practicing, training and competition.

Knowledge and Growth

My learning, education and mental development. My personal capabilities and external inspiration in the intellectual, interpersonal, and intra-personal realms. Processes for reflection and review.

3. Areas of Responsibility

Four foundational pillars that allow the pursuit of potential (or anything else in life really), without which, the everyday functional capabilities collapse.

The Mind

My mental health. My ability to think clearly, work productively and feel positive about everyday life. My feelings, stress and mood. My overall energy level. My sleeping patterns and quality.

The Body

My physical condition. Eating habits, diet, fitness exercise habits, and activity levels. My resiliency to sickness. Major health issues and susceptibilities.

The Home

The intimate relationship(s) you have or want to have. The quality of your relationships. Your home life and relationships with family members, partners, and close friends.

The House

My personal admin. Legal and financial housekeeping. Spending, budgets, savings, investments. Taxes and bills.

4. Design

Creating the conditions for all of the above to happen, without relying on sheer willpower. I try to set up the following four categories to encourage behaviours that help me achieve the things I’m excited about for 2019.

  • Products & Programs
    Your stuff, your stacks — the physical and digital. Courses, books, podcasts.
  • People
    My teachers, advisors and mentors. Clubs, interest groups and community memberships.
  • Protocols
    Habits, daily routine, schedule, effectiveness, organization, and productivity. My setup, systems, processes, tools, and techniques.
  • Place
    Your physical presence in the world. Where you are in the world. Your living situation. Your neighbourhood and interior design. Your mobility.

This is an evolving and iterative process, and I’ve just started to track my ideas and progress in each category, so hopefully I’ll have more to share by the end of the year!


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